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Video Carnage 16 — Amiga

Even though the Amiga first came out in 1985, the games I’ll be looking at today were all from the 1990s.  The Amiga was already ahead of its time, but now we’ll be looking into the future for one stop on our journey through console and computer hardware. If this unsettles you, don’t worry.  Our […]

Golfyssey 27 — Robotman’s Front 9

Over the past three weeks, I’ve reviewed a total of 60 golf video games for 24 different systems.  This Golfyssey has taken me all the way from the lowly Atari 2600 to the PC and beyond.  I’ve played terrible games that barely resemble golf and only serve to frustrate, to realistic simulations that are so […]

Golfyssey 11 — Amiga

The Commodore Amiga.  The Amiga came out of nowhere in the mid 1980s and proved to be the most capable and fully powered multimedia machine of its time.  Hell, it was the only multimedia computer you could buy unless you were a Hollywood studio, and it was the first home computer with an OS that […]

Amiga cursors for Linux and Windows

Just what you’ve always wanted!  Now you can re-live the glory days of the late 80s when the Commodore Amiga computer was the most advanced multimedia computer you could get without buying a special effects workstation. Since I use a replica Commodore 64, and since I have the interface themed to look as Commodore/Amiga-like as […]

Terminal fun

W00T!  Okay, not actually fun, and not terminal as in deathly. I’m talking about the Terminal Emulator that comes with every Linux distribution.  It’s similar to the Command Prompt, for all those Windows users who have seen that.  As much as I prefer to never use it, sometimes I do.  It appears every time I […]

How Amiga computer games got me listening to KISS again.

The other day I was creating configuration files for my Amiga emulator. You see, the Amiga emulator is rather complex. Not only must you select which disk image or images you’d like your emulated system to run, but you must also choose which version of the Kickstart rom, which chipset, which RAM configuration, which CPU, […]

Lords of the Realm

Ah, Vegetation day. Silly me… working hard all week.  I should have known better than to not be born to parents who are filthy fucking rich. I spent today doing laundry and playing around with my Amiga emulator again.  Not so much actually playing, as still making “configuration files” that allow me to load the […]

I want my Amiga!

So I’m in the late stages of “Vegetation Day”.  Today, I have been spending time with my Amiga computer emulator and the games I have for it.  The emulator, WinUAE, is the most complicated emulator I have.  It took me damn near forever to figure out just how to use it properly. And you can’t […]