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Grand Funk Railroad

Ah, Grand Funk.  The wild, shirtless lyrics of Mark Farner.  The Bone-rattling bass of Mel Schacher.   The competent drum-work of Don Brewer. More people should remember Grand Funk Railroad though, so… you know… consult your school library. I first got into this band when I started listening to classic rock radio (so nicely parodied by […]

The Genesis 2014 Remikeifications

“Can’t I just call it ‘audio restorations’ or something sane?” you’re probably wondering.  Why not be megalomaniacal about it?  I am quite awesome at it.  And one day – one day – I shall have me a tropical volcanic island lair/headquarters with the volcanic mountain carved into the shape of my head.  One day. But […]

The remikeification of Genesis shall commence…

Well, I’ve plowed my way through all of those 2007 remixed Genesis albums I talked about a while ago.  If you don’t know what I mean when I talk about Mikeification, read that post.  It’s audio editing.  Do I sense?  Not mind. Now that I’ve actually listened to all those albums in their remixed form, […]

Mikeification wins again!

I’ve babbled before about what I call “Mikeification” – which is essentially audio restoration.  I use an audio editor to modify the music I listen to so that it sounds more pleasing to my ears.  I’m not talking about mashing it up with something else, or adding dope beats.  No, primarily I take my old […]

Song of the Day – “Together Again” by Chicago

I don’t really have any deep reason for posting this song… other than the fact that I was listening to it as I rode the bus home today.  It made me think of my girlfriend (the song, not the bus) and it put a smile on my face.  I wish I was with my beautiful […]


No, no holy shoutings!  Donkeys not withstanding!  Ass! This post has nothing to do with Palm Sunday.  Nor does it have anything to do with the band Chicago, who has fast become one of my very favorite bands ever, as long as I pretend they broke up in 1974. No, this is about an old […]

The Story of Chicago – Book I

I’m digging very much the groovy sounds made pre-1975 by this formerly fine band.  And I think it’s a crying shame that their earlier reputation for making adventurous, jazz-influenced rock has been sullied and beaten and eventually run over by a fleet of fucking limousines by none other than the exact same band in the […]

Song of the day – “Sing a Mean Tune Kid” by Chicago

Oh, joy.  Oh, happiness and wonderment, etc.  Et-Cetera. Robotman is blogging again!  Aren’t we all lucky!  I’ll tell you something, Buster, I’m pretty fucking lucky.  I no longer have to get up so damn early to get to work early and get home late because I leave work late because of traffic because of construction […]

A fun weekend of doing as little as possible

As little work as possible, that is.  I’ve been really busy this weekend with more Mikeification of more Jimi Hendrix.  The process shouldn’t have taken three weeks.  It doesn’t take more than about an hour to do an album.  But I have zero time during the week to get fun stuff like this done, so […]


No, not this guy… No, not even this guy… THIS guy. This blog post is about the late great Jimi Hendrix, and his awesome talent with the Play-Doh Mop-Top play set. Man, no one could use that thing like he did. Just kidding.  This was his tool of choice: Yikes!  It’s VERY SCAAAAARY in German!!! […]

“Wow man, that sounds fuckin good.”

I am rather talented when it comes to Mikeifying music, I must say. What is Mikeifying, I hear you ask? Well, Mikeification is the process of me using Cool Edit to adjust the audio properties of songs that I put onto my iPod.  Basically, I makes the tunes sounds more gooder.  The tricks I use […]

Song of the Day – “Moribund the Burgermeister” by Peter Gabriel

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way as you are grooving to this strange and wonderful song. Moribund = Stagnant and without vitality or growth Burgermeister = Town councilor, ie. Mayor This song is not, in fact about this guy: Nor this guy: But that looks like one hell of a burger. […]

Song of the Day – “Radio” by Supersister

Okay, so I’ve listened to some of that thar Supersister I bought.  And before I progress… that’s a slight pun there… I’ll emphatically state that this is NOT the prefabricated British pop girl group from a couple years ago.  No, this is Robotman’s blog, dawgonnit, and I’m a gonna blabber on about obscure progressive rock […]

Song of the Day – “Child in Time” by Deep Purple.

There are many versions of this song available.  There is one studio version from this album: Which has a great album cover.  Sadly, Deep Purple album covers can often suck balls, so enjoy this one while you can. The version recorded on the album isn’t anywhere as near as good as some of the live […]

Song of the Day – “The House, The Street, The Room” by Gentle Giant

So, here’s 6 guys from England once again making me feel like I don’t know anything about music and I can’t play any instruments properly. Sigh. These guys were so fucking good at composition and playing that it’s scary.  And this song too is kind of spooky. Not really.  But the only reason I’m talking […]

A tale of two Supersisters

Back when I was (by choice) unemployed (for 13 months and spending all my savings), I had the BEST year of my life.  Not working played a huge part in that.  Sigh. Drifting back on topic, from Summer 2006 to Summer 2007 I got into some fine progressive rock thanks to the amazing site Prog […]

Song of the Day – “Let There Be Rock” by AC/DC

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A C FUCKIN D C MAN!! And this is probably my favorite AC/DC song.  It just fucking steamrolls everything.  It’s a fucking caveman club attack. No, not quite.  That looks more like Jesus. That’s better.  It’s not what I was looking for, but it is better. I’m not so sure I really want to […]

Songs of the Day – “Cosmic Slop” by Funkadelic and “Amos Moses” by Jerry Reed

Some things just belong together. Peanut butter and chocolate. Erica Campbell and lingerie. The female form and electromechanics. They match.  They mesh.  They meld. But here’s a less obvious combo.  You may not see how these two songs fit together at first, but try bashing your head against something hard while holding your breath.  If […]

Song of the Day – “The Mexican” by Babe Ruth

You can watch this song here, and listen to it here. Actually, both links just require you to listen.  But listen you should!  This band was from England, and I don’t know a whole lot about them.  All I know is that they crafted this fucking AWESOME song and had a chick who sang for […]

Song of the Day – “Like a Rolling Stone” by Jimi Hendrix

Jimi’s version. Also, “Like a Rolling Stone” by The Rolling Stones And why the hell not… “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan Bob Dylan wrote this song.  And I’m going to pull a total dick move here and piss plenty of people off by saying what I’m about to say.  Bob Dylan can’t fucking […]

Song of the Day – “Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding” by Elton John

Man, what a song.  And as Wikipedia has just told me (as it sat on my shoulder and whispered into my ear like it were some sort of bird) that majestic and awe-inspiring intro was actually played by David Hentschel.  But anyway, the first part, the “Funeral for a Friend” part is what a young […]

Song of the Day – “High Tide or Low Tide” by Bob Marley & The Wailers

I’ve had this song in my head all day.  And not because it’s 4/20 today, appropriate as that is.  You may not know this, but Bob Marley was known to partake of the marijuana cigarettes now and again. Yes, it’s true.  And here in 2010 I am displeased to report that consumption and sale of […]

Song of the Day – “Sweet Revenge” by MotÁ¶rhead

“Hello Bitches!” Every song should start with those words!  FUCK YEAH!!! And what a MEAN song today’s Song of the Day is.  Who among us has honestly never thought of inflicting revenge upon someone?  Okay, maybe just the androids.  I hope there are androids out there… female androids who want to find me so they […]

Song of the Day – “Kow Kow Calqulator” by Steve Miller Band

This song came up in conversation while I was getting a ride home from my friend Uncle Furry.  I asked him if he had ever heard of Kow Kow Calqulator, to which he responded “no”.  That, I’m guessing, is what most people would have said. But onward I pressed.  “Did you know,” I said, “That […]

Song of the Day – “Holy Roller” by Nazareth

YouTube link, before I forget to mention it again. First, a joke! Hooray! Q: How do you castrate a Catholic priest? A: ˙ʍɐɾ ǝɥʇ uı ÊŽoqɹıoɥɔ ǝɥʇ ʞɔıʞ Ha! If hell existed, there would be a special place in it for Christian pedophiles.  But thinking and talking about this makes me extremely angry, so I […]

Song of the Day – “One More Time” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Demo version, that is.  I reckon.  You can’t talk about things from “The South” without saying “I reckon” every now and then.  I reckon. I only know the demo version of this song.  The YouTube search results tell me that there is a version of this song on “Street Survivors”.  Determining the veracity of that […]

Song of the Day – “Hemispheres” by Rush

YEAH!!! Man, this tune takes me back.  All 18 minutes of it.  See, I’m one of those weirdos who really likes long Progressive Rock songs.  That might stem from all the symphonic Classical Music I listened to when I was growing up.  It might also stem from the fact that I’m just a weirdo. I’m […]

Song of the Day – “Please Don’t Worry” by Grand Funk Railroad

Now this is some pure, uncut rock.  No, not crack cocaine.  I’d even say it’s some excellent 70s rock, but it’s actually from a 1969 album called “Grand Funk” Now, some of you might have heard some Grand Funk Railroad on the radio.  They did have some hits.  If you have heard those hits, then […]

Song of the Day – “Big Trouble” by David Lee Roth

You gotta love this guy.  THAT’S AN ORDER!!! If you don’t feel like reading my prattle, my twaddle, my blabber, my chatter today, just check out this link: http://geaky.com/262-David-Lee-Roth-SoundBoard.html While all the children are playing at the above link, I shall now gather the responsible adults around me, and we shall rationally discuss the merits […]

Song of the Day – “Starless” by King Crimson

“Starless” (part 1) “Starless” (part 2) My favorite song.  No, actually my second favorite song, right after “Paranoid Android” by Radiohead.  I think.  That’s variable.  One of my faves for sure. This song is fucking amazing.  I know I’ve described songs as awesome and amazing before, but lets just do something here for a bit. […]

Song of the Day – “Fire in the Head” by The Tea Party

So I borrowed a CD from a friend today.  I listened to it on my way home.  Not bad.  Not original.  Not going to listen to it again or get it for myself. The band is called “Big Elf”.  Now, at first I thought that Ronnie James Dio had “bulked-up” as they say… taken a […]

Song of the Day – “Serenade” by Steve Miller Band

Paddington Bear fucking LOVES this song! No wait… that’s MARMALADE he likes. Onward. But first… isn’t the world of Winnie the Pooh a little ridiculous? This is more like it. Anyway, this song really takes me back.  Back in 1992, when I started listening to “Classic Rock”, Steve Miller was among the first artists to […]

Song of the Day – “E VerrÁ  L’Uomo” by Corte Dei Miracoli

Some things I have just found out from Babelfish: This band’s name translates as “Court of the Miracles” The song title translates as “And L’ Will come; Man” Things I knew before: This is an awesome, majestic, dynamic, emotive song The band is from Italy The lyrics are in Italian, and I have no idea […]

Song of the Day – “Third Week in the Chelsea” by Jefferson Airplane

Hippie dreams, the passage of time, changing of seasons, and the inevitability of aging. Weariness. This song is one of a few that made me want to get a blog and yap about em.  Yap. Bark, even.  For that (Bark) is the title of an album released in 1971.  An album released by Jefferson Airplane.  […]

Song of the Day – “Walk Away” by The James Gang

The 70s.  Power Trios.  Mustaches. I know a lot of people have heard of The Eagles.  I know a lot of people have heard of Joe Walsh.  I know that a lot of people have heard of The James Gang, but these three numbers diminish next to each other. If I remember my rawk history, […]