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The Golfyssey

It has been said before that a video game console is only as good as its most prominent golf game.  Actually, you know what… nobody has ever said that.  Seriously, google it.  No results.  Same with Golfyssey.  No results. Well, let’s play fast and loose with the facts then, shall we? None other than the […]

Y2K Compliant Desktop Publishing on the Information Super-Highway!

With Microsoft Works 4.5 for Windows 95!

Oh, Spammers, you funny!

You will never see any approved spam comments on this here blog.  Spam comments are so damn easy to spot, it’s like I’ve set up the ultimate filter for them. The ultimate filter I says! Here’s how it works.  You see the content of this blog?  You see how it is composed?  It’s mainly stupid […]

Robot invasion – day 3

Have I mentioned yet how freaked out my cat is by the Roomba?  My parents’ orange cat is rather freaked out by it too, though he’s a little braver.  This is him: In spirit anyway.  He is fond of biting me.  And here’s a cloud that looks like a lion cub: And here’s the clouds […]

Robot invasion – day 2

So far so good.  I’ve got the Roomba all charged and I’ve settled into the habit of cleaning the bin and brushes out every 5 minutes.  Supposedly, this only needs to be done at the end of every cleaning cycle, but my floor is way fucking dirty.  I’m almost ashamed to admit how much cat […]

Robot invasion – day 1

You just knew that me talking about my new Roobma would give me plenty of chances to make bad jokes and gratuitously insert pictures of sexy female robots… didn’t you? I’d rumba with her any day. Okay, let’s get to the topic at hand now.  I am now the proud owner of my very first […]

An assemblage of the finest minds

Here is a very interesting picture. Almost everyone (except for you Sharla, because you’re as dumb as you are gorgeous) will recognize Albert Einstein.  But take a look at those names.  You may recognize some others now.  This is a snapshot of where modern physics and cosmology comes from… pretty much. And here’s another similar […]

I never get to do fun stuff on a Friday

I wanted to play on the phone again tonight, but I’m too damn tired.  So here’s a funny comic instead. And because I’m such a nice guy, here’s your chance to download a version of Adobe Photoshop for free!  Yes indeed!  Just save this link and you’ll have your very own copy of Adobe Photoshop!  […]