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So much for predictions.

Bah.  I was gonna blog.  I used to blog.  Now I just work.  Bah. So what’s changed in Robotman’s life recently?  I have had all hope beaten out of me, for one thing.  But do not despair!  I’m only talking about my job.  I’ve got plenty of hope outside of my shitty job of being […]


Since I couldn’t fend off this bloody flu virus by myself, I went out and got me some antibiotics.  Big yellow pills – 20 of them.  And I have to take them in 10 days. Now, you might be wondering why I titled this stupid blog post with that stupid pun. Well, I’m glad you […]

Night of the Living Flu

The Flu that Wouldn’t Die! Verrry Scarrry! Yes, it’s back.  It never really went away, and now I’m toasting my sneezes, my coughing and my runny nose with more cough syrup.  I haven’t had anything stick around this long since I had Bronchitis.  Bleh.

5 posts in one!

“Sexdroids in Space” is now up at SpaceBabe Central.  At least the first 5 pages are.  I’m honored to have it appear on that site, since that is how I found Predator and Simon Wright when I commissioned my first comic. I really like the animated gif in the top right corner at SBC.  “She […]

Fuck the fucking flu

This is the third time that as I have felt better, the fucking flu came back hard to make sure I didn’t feel better. Fuck the fucking flu. Also, fuck the fucking Pope.

Song of the Day – “One for the Vine” by Genesis

Don’t ask me what this song is about.  Because if you did, I’d probably say something silly like it’s about a guy who thinks he’s the messiah and ends up leading his followers to a battle in which they are slaughtered.  Oh, and he sees Jesus right around then. I don’t know if I’m right.  […]

So tired…

… so very tired.  This flu is overstaying it’s welcome.

Fucking flu

The flu decided to come back and hit me hard again today, and I have to get to bed real soon.  So there won’t be any funny postiness tonight.


Up here in Canada, taxes are due on April 30.  I have never had to pay a significant amount, because my paycheques usually have slightly more than needed deducted from them.  Last year I got about $70 back, which is about what I usually get. This year I will be filing them late.  I can […]