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Farewell, Xbox

It is with a heavy heart that I announce the departure of an old gaming console, the Xbox. No, not that one.  And no, not the new one, or even that one. Jesus, Microsoft really fucked up the naming system for these things didn’t they?  I mean, it was so simple to just follow the […]

Video Carnage 33 — Xbox

No, not the Red Ring of Death Special.  I’m talking about the original Xbox here, the one released by Microsoft in 2001.  My spellcheck wants to change Xbox to bijoux.  Ha! Selling only about 16% as many units as the PS2 sold, the Xbox is seen by many as a failure in the console market.  […]

Golfyssey 23 — PC

Ah, the PC.  There’s a good chance that you’re reading this blog on a personal computer right now.  The PC is ubiquitous for home use and work today, but it started as just another variant of the home computer back in the early 1980s.  The IBM PC saw immediate success in the business world, and […]

… or I’ll do to you what I did to Internet Explorer!

I imagine some suit at Microsoft sneering this line after emasculating poor Microsoft Security Essentials for Christmas laughs late last year. This info is a little old now, but since I’m on a “write about Microsoft products” kick on this here crappy blog, I thought I’d mention it anyway. According to a computer lab filled […]

The Joy of Windows 98 SE (part 1)

Okay, I’m 15 years late in celebrating this operating system.  And I think I can only celebrate anything Microsoft or Windows at all because it fills a particular niche for me. This is odd for me to like Windows 98 so much, because it was Windows 95 and Windows 98 that taught me to hate […]

Fuck Apple

Fuck Apple And fuck Steve Jobs.  Apple is the new Microsoft.  They are a dangerous monopoly and they must be broken up.  Apple can no longer innovate, so its business is based on abusing the completely broken US patent system. Apple is now suing HTC over something which Apple stole from someone else.  Fuck Apple. […]

Of Fanboys and Shills

I used to read ZDNet News quite frequently.  I still check the site out every other day or so, but the content is nothing like it used to be.  A few years ago there was some sort of shakeup at ZDNet.  The site’s top editor and most of the genuine journalists went bye-bye. I remember […]