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All the time in the world

You ever see that old episode of the Twilight Zone?  The one where this guy can never find any time to read his favourite books, then the H-bomb hits and then he has all the time in the world to read his books?  But then he breaks his glasses and can’t read his books? I’ve […]

So… this can just happen…

I complain about my job a lot on this blog.  My job is very stressful, mostly because I work with so many stupid people.  And please don’t think I’m trying to get laughs, I want to say right now this isn’t a funny post.  I’m serious when I say this.  I work with some of […]


So much for predictions.

Bah.  I was gonna blog.  I used to blog.  Now I just work.  Bah. So what’s changed in Robotman’s life recently?  I have had all hope beaten out of me, for one thing.  But do not despair!  I’m only talking about my job.  I’ve got plenty of hope outside of my shitty job of being […]

A fun weekend of doing as little as possible

As little work as possible, that is.  I’ve been really busy this weekend with more Mikeification of more Jimi Hendrix.  The process shouldn’t have taken three weeks.  It doesn’t take more than about an hour to do an album.  But I have zero time during the week to get fun stuff like this done, so […]

Sorry about the lack of posts lately

Yeah.  What he said.  I have no fucking time to myself any more.  Grumble.  And I had one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had in my life today.  I trust you, oh reader, are doing better.

Unhinged rant about how I don’t have any fucking time to myself

RAGE!!!! There,  I feel better. So, you may have noticed that I haven’t been updating my blog every day like I used to.  Well, amid all the exemplary dumbassery, epic moronitude and gobsmacked dontgiveafuckness of my blog, you may have noticed that I frequently bitch, whine, moan and otherwise complain about how much time I […]

A short rant about something that really bugs me about Linux

Okay.  Back in the days of Windows 95 and 98, I learned how to customize my setup as best as I could.  This included changing desktop wallpaper, the window buttons and title bars, the Start Menu, the sounds, and the mouse cursors.  I customized other things too, but let’s not get carried away here.  This […]

Deep in the midst of Redneckfest

So you may or may not have heard of the Calgary Stampede.  Also, you may or may not care.  I for one do not.  I don’t like 99.99999% of Country Music and I don’t fancy cowboy culture, attire, mannerisms, or anything else associated with cowpoke folk and local yokels smoking yolk over oak and soaking […]

Another post where I bitch about the weather

It’s raining like the blazes here right now.  How do the blazes rain, you ask?  You’re asking, perhaps, the wrong fellow as I am not in much of a coherent mood right now.  And if you suspect that this post will devolve into a rant about the weather, you just might be correct. See, Calgary’s […]

I am tired and I am a video game geek and the world must know

I got off work at 2:30pm today.  And that’s a good thing because I’m mentally and physically exhausted from Wednesday… and the rest of the week too.  But mostly Wednesday.  What a fucking day.  And Wednesday is in honour of our god Odin.  Praise be to him! You see, Odin had some crows to help […]

Fucking flu

The flu decided to come back and hit me hard again today, and I have to get to bed real soon.  So there won’t be any funny postiness tonight.


Up here in Canada, taxes are due on April 30.  I have never had to pay a significant amount, because my paycheques usually have slightly more than needed deducted from them.  Last year I got about $70 back, which is about what I usually get. This year I will be filing them late.  I can […]

Marco Polo flu over DRM

So I have the fucking flu.  It’s ruined my day, and might possibly screw up my plans for my long weekend.  I booked Monday off so I could get some personal stuff done, but so far I haven’t even done a proper vegetation day.  Usually on Saturday I do laundry, play video games and drink […]

I’m sick

And tired.  Goodnight.

The thin line between an honest day’s work and exploitation

Grumble.  Look at me complain!  I do it well, so I will continue.  I chose the job I have, and I can leave it whenever I want, I suppose.  But I’ll still complain that there’s too much to do that I wouldn’t have to do if the people around me weren’t brain-dead.  Okay, that’s an […]

wtf… no images?

Well, I had a funny story to tell that required uploading a pic.  I can’t upload pics, it seems.  Hmmmm… off to contact Support I go.

April 12 – “Don’t Use Your Turn Signal” day!

Everybody celebrate!  Why spend ALL that time using your turn signal when you can just skip it! Sometimes I think everyone around me is drinking bleach to get stupider on purpose.  Actually, that’s almost an accurate statement. I’m cranky, tired and sore, so I’m going to get horizontal and attempt to lose consciousness. Wish me […]

Out with the old…

Well, I finally got around to checking out my new laserjet printer today.  And I didn’t know this… but “LaserJet” is a trademark owned by Hewlett Packard.  Meh. Well xerox my kleenex! So far I’ve printed only a test page from Ubuntu and a test page from Windows XP, but they look good.  Now, if […]

Hurtin’ for Geek Cred

As I have bitched about below, I had a printer die on me recently.  The new one is on the way, but since I had to shell out a good $400 for it, my credit card was put damn near its limit. My ISP wasn’t able to bill the card, so I had to write […]


I care not for Christmas, nor Easter. Ha!

Attention: Complaint Department

Well, bluddy ell. I heard on the weather today that the atmosphere above Calgary was unstable.  No shit.  When I got out of work, it was freezing.  When I rode the train through to downtown, it was a fucking blizzard.  When I got downtown there was no freezing rain but it was about as windy […]

Fucking garbage printer from HP

Well, I’m too fucking pissed off to write a blog post tonight.  My fucking HP printer just died… actually it had been a slow death because since I got the fucking thing it would repeatedly tell me it was out of fucking paper when it wasn’t.  Now it won’t fucking print at all.  I threw […]

Monkeybutt Fuckknuckle

The day was salty like the sea Not really but I’ll tell this tale Of what the state is now of me As I sit headachy and pale My life is boring most the time And only on occasion rare Do I do something that might rhyme With interests foul or interests fair For instance […]

The state of Ubuntu

I saw some recent screenshots of the latest version of GNOME, which apparently is in contention for being an early version of GNOME 3.0.  I hate it. I see a very nasty trend in GUI design lately.  That trend is all about eye candy.  Eye candy and the need to cater to stupid people who […]

Just a quick rant about DRM

Digital Restrictions Management.  What a fucking sick joke this is.  I just read about another DRM system that has gone down in flames.  This time, like so many times before and many more times to come, the paying customers who were dumb enough to be sold defective goods are being shafted. So, you paid for […]

Down for the Count

I won’t be saying much tonight because my head hurts bad.  The past month has been the worst for weather headaches I’ve ever had.  I thought about getting a prosthetic head…. but that might not be such a good idea. Speaking of “Down for the Count”, that’s an album by some hair metal band called […]

I’ll be in The Lab

A friend of mine told me that he read my “Pope” post while he was delirious and hallucinating from a bad fever caused by a cold.  That’s fucking hilarious.  See how I mock you and your infirmity!  Mock! Tonight’s post is all about how I got that jones again.  Gosh dern, I’m in the need […]

All Sound and Fury…

No, not Furries. I have a friend who is a furry, and this shall serve as a shout-out to him. ;) So, what I’m trying to get at is that basically I have all kinds of projects on the back burner and here I am during the weekend and I’m playing games on the computer. […]

Printers Through Windows

I was all set to get lots of stuff done today.  I still have a ton of music to Mikeify.  I got another album by Peter Hammill today, so I was going to do that one and put it on the iPod.  I ordered his 80s albums last week from Amazon.ca, and every single one […]

Nice words that aren’t “Happy Birthday”

Okay, printer manufacturers, I’ve got you in my sights. FUCK YOU.  FUCK YOU ALL. Greedy, avaricious, gluttonous scum-sucking lowlifes all of you! I’m never buying an inkjet printer again.  For the amount of sheer hassle I get, for the wasted money spent on ink and paper when things fuck up, for having to shell out […]

So I found that song…

AAAAAAH!!!  MAKE IT STOP!!!!! Those god damned 80s!  The only good thing I can say about this video is that it has brief scenes of ladies dancing robot style.  I can say lots of bad things about it. Let’s talk about what Ms. Slick is saying, shall we?  As I was telling my friend Keizo […]

What the fuck is this shit?

Seriously?  What the fuck is this company doing calling this thing a robot?  And what the fuck gives them the idea that anyone would want to have sex with this ugly fucking thing? “True Companion”?  More like “True Mistake”. For the love of all things scientific, I want a fembot of my own more than […]

Crap… ran out of time tonight

So I’m back “fixing” a friends computer.  That’s the same computer I talked bout earlier.  Apparently, Windows XP got reinstalled on its partition, thus removing the Grub boot loader and the ability to dual boot.  That’s fixed now, but OH SWEET JEBUS how awful the display in XP looks now! Even with the latest XP […]