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Fembot Manips II – September 2021

I’ve got some more manips to share, so push those buttons, flick those switches, and turn those dials! But first, I found an interesting website that uses artificial intelligence to create portraits.  Interesting concept, I thought, so I gave it a try.  First I gave it the keywords “Female Android”, then “Beautiful Female Robot Woman”, […]

Fembot Manips – September 2021

Before I unload a scattershot of 24 manips on you, I’d like to show you a photo of the late, great Jim Morrison playing Grand Theft Auto: Wild stuff, man.  Okay, now on with the serious stuff.  Remember those original Fembots from the Bionic Woman TV series?  They knew what’s up.   And now, the […]

Fembot Manips II – August 2021

I’ve got some more of those crude but effective fembot manips to share, along with a  video clip I assembled from some lovely stock images and an instrumental song I found.  The song is by Aleksandblrik , and is called Androids, and that’s what I titled this video clip: http://www.gratuitousscience.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Androids.mp4   And now, the manips!  […]

Fembot Manips – August 2021

Can you believe that the Star Trek episode “I, Mudd” first aired more than half a century ago?   That’s always been one of my favourite depictions of female androids.  Except, come to think of it, I dont quite remember that last part. No matter.  Speaking of silly and frivolous here’s a misheard lyric from […]

Fembot Manips – November 2020

It’s time once again to show off the manips that I’ve made to envision the imagined near future of beautiful female androids walking among us. And stupid stuff that I thought was funny when I made it.  Like this:   And this: And now, on with the main event!  To The Future!  

Fembot Manips II – October 2020

Have you ever been? (Have you ever been?) To Electric Ladyland? I think Jimi would approve. And now, the manips!

Fembot Manips – September 2020

For me, there’s nothing quite like “the reveal”.  That’s the moment in a fantasy or in an artistic work when a pretty woman shows herself, or is shown to be a robot and not a person.  I think that’s why I always come back to this admittedly unrealistic imagery of robot women with their faces […]

Fembot Manips II – August 2020

I was looking for an old document on an old hard drive, and I found what is possibly the best thing I have ever written: (10:39:05)  robotman1974:  “H is for Hooray for me!!!” (10:39:10)  Keizo 2:  LOL! (10:39:27)  robotman1974:  Byron got out of his Ferrari and parked it on home plate. (10:39:38)  robotman1974:  The umpire […]

Fembot Manips – August 2020

It’s summer, and with about a third of a year left before Cyberpunk 2077 comes out, I have nothing better to do than to keep making manips.  So here are the latest manips I’ve made, and a bonus frivolous video clip! I’ll also share the “Fembot Alphabet” I wrote in an email.  I originally wrote […]

Fembot Manips – February 2020

I’ve got another batch of manips to share, so here it is.  I also noticed it’s valentines day today, so there’s that.  Here’s hoping that robot companions and sex partners are harder, better, faster, stronger more advanced and widely available in the years to come, for those who want them.

Shemale Robots Six

Who doesn’t like beautiful robot women with stiff, hard, electronic penises!  Well, most people, actually.  I think there are probably less than 10 people in the world who prefer their robot women with a hardon. Well for me, and for the .0000000001%, here are my latest batch of LEDs, circuit boards, and cocks!  


Here’s something that only the old timers to ASFR will remember.  Back in the year 2000, I created my very own website dedicated to the love and sexual appreciation of female androids. I wasn’t known as Robotman back then, I was Faceless001.  And I also shared some of my first serious attempts at writing, the […]

Fembot Manips – September to October 2019 (and bonus videos)

It’s time to share some of the manips I’ve been making.  Here is the latest batch from the last five weeks.  Enjoy! And here’s a little video clip I made out of the Japanese Robot manip.   Bonus videos! These are three videos I made back in 2013 on a site called GoAnimate.  That site […]

Transsexual Robots IV – The Search for Cock

Okay, I know it was Star Trek III that had the title I’m punning off of, but I couldn’t resist. Here’s another collection of my crude but effective manips featuring beautiful android women with electronic circuitry and penises!  Hooray!

GIMP Tutorial for Fembot Manips

NOTE: This tutorial is outdated, and no longer indicates how I make my manips.  But there may be some useful tips in it, so I’ll leave it up as it was written. GIMP is powerful, free image manipulating software.  I use it in conjunction with IrfanView and good old MS Paint to make my fembot […]

A Poem – “The Creation of my Robot Girlfriend”

Poems, Everybody! Here’s a little background on this one.  I’ve been having this fantasy for a few years now, and I wanted to write it out into a more substantial story.  But honestly, I don’t think there’s much more that I could do with it, so here’s a poem. Oh, and the basis of the […]

Fembot festiveness

Tis the season, etc, etc, etc.  Lorem ipsum dolor, and all that.  Back in 2011 when I commissioned the wondrous “S.A.S.S. Renegades“, the artist A.B. Lust sent me a Christmas card featuring some S.A.S.S. agents decked out in seasonal regalia.  Now that the full comic has been finished and released, I can share this extra […]

Ashley George – S.A.S.S. Agent

I have another mini-comic to share, this time starring the lovely Ashley George.  This one shows the moment she is first activated at S.A.S.S. headquarters – and what she decides to do. Thanks again to A.B.Lust for making this one so sexy.

Sarina Valentina – S.A.S.S. Agent

Because I enjoyed the experience of making and reading SASS so much, I commissioned a 2-page mini-comic for Sarina Valentina.  A.B.Lust did some more awesome artwork for me, and I love the way it turned out. This shows Sarina’s badass side. Enjoy!

S.A.S.S. – Shemale Android Sex Sirens

A new fembot comic has arrived!  This one is catered to my relatively new sexual interest in shemales, and, well, the title is self explanatory. I must thank the superb artist A.B.Lust for drawing, inking and colouring this comic.  Copyright 2011 by Robotman and A.B.Lust. Without further ado, here it is!


Since I couldn’t fend off this bloody flu virus by myself, I went out and got me some antibiotics.  Big yellow pills – 20 of them.  And I have to take them in 10 days. Now, you might be wondering why I titled this stupid blog post with that stupid pun. Well, I’m glad you […]

The Robots of Love – Mobile Version

Here it finally is.  I had to get over the 7MB upload file limit for this blog.  That’s why it’s in 15 files. So if you have a mobile device, such as the iPod Touch (Fuck Apple, btw), or an Android phone, or even a Pocket PC, go ahead and download these to look at […]

Song of the Day – “One More Time” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Demo version, that is.  I reckon.  You can’t talk about things from “The South” without saying “I reckon” every now and then.  I reckon. I only know the demo version of this song.  The YouTube search results tell me that there is a version of this song on “Street Survivors”.  Determining the veracity of that […]

A new phone

Something very bizarre happened to me a couple of months ago.  I received a call from someone at Rogers Canada, my phone company.  They had noticed that the majority of the “minutes” I spend on my phone are taken in the evening on weekdays.  This is because of my phone sex dalliances, of course. The […]

Rant of the Day – Whatever the fuck comes to mind

That is the image that appeared first in a Google image search when I entered “whatever the fuck comes to mind” in the search box. Not bad. I was going to blab a little bit about how I’m reading a lot of Roman history now.  I was going to do this when I talked about […]

Song of the Day – “The Wonderful Future” by Our Lady Peace

I just went hunting in Rhythmbox for a song to yap about, because the one that I heard on my way home is a little to long for a “Song of the Day” post.  That song, over 47 minutes long, is actually an entire album played live.  The band is Camel, and the album is […]

Song of the Day – “The Future Now” by Peter Hammill

Oh, that Peter Hammill! Always running about with a crazed look in his eyes and his half-beard.  You see, he was born with a full mustache and beard on the right side of his face.  And pointing his thumbs ever outward. No, that’s not true.  This is a good song, however.  It’s about how The […]

Nice pics

I’ve had these pics on my desktop for a couple of months… I was going to post them to the ol’ blog here to show to some artists over at Fembot Central. Well, here they are.  Click on the images to see them full-size. Start mannippin’!

Eat, Drink, Sex, Sleep, Dream

It’s way past my bedtime.  I have however, against sound financial judgment, shelled out more cash for phone sex.  I have a big sloppy grin on my face, and I believe it will stay with me for days as it often does.  This happiness is important to me because I used to be depressed.  For […]

All Sound and Fury…

No, not Furries. I have a friend who is a furry, and this shall serve as a shout-out to him. ;) So, what I’m trying to get at is that basically I have all kinds of projects on the back burner and here I am during the weekend and I’m playing games on the computer. […]

Song of the Day – “Molded Plastic” by The Epoxies

Meet Roxy Epoxy.  She is an android. At least that was her stage persona back in 2002 when The Epoxies self-titled album came out.  And this song, which popped up on my iPod today, is about her being a female android!  Yay! Read the lyrics.  I’m not making that up. This band has, sadly, broken […]

Song of the Day – “Third Week in the Chelsea” by Jefferson Airplane

Hippie dreams, the passage of time, changing of seasons, and the inevitability of aging. Weariness. This song is one of a few that made me want to get a blog and yap about em.  Yap. Bark, even.  For that (Bark) is the title of an album released in 1971.  An album released by Jefferson Airplane.  […]

A poem about having fembot-themed phone sex

I bring to you some verse tonight, I hope that in your mind it sticks, A tale of SCIENCE and delight And having sex with robot chicks! My phone sex jones has struck once more And I must make another call To meet up with an android whore Who’ll gladly meet this order tall. I […]

There’s always time for fembots

Well, there’s another weekend over with no time to get stuff done.  Actually, I got stuff done, but it was all work.  Bleh.  I do that all fricken week. I didn’t even have time for my usual day of vegetation.  Usually on Saturday, I sit around and play video games.  Oh well.  Those video games […]

Song of the Day – “International Dateline” by Ladytron

How could a technosexual such as myself not eventually notice a band called Ladytron? I do believe someone on Fembot Central mentioned them many years ago, and that’s how I first heard of them.  When Ladytron first came out, they had a kind of “Kraftwerk” look going for them. They’ve long since abandoned that gimmick, […]

Song(s) of the Day – “Cryptorchid” / “Elektrik” by Marilyn Manson / King Crimson

Tonight, I give you (as far as my iPod will generate by itself) a mashup. Cryptorchid (live version of) Elektrik These two songs came on one-after-another as I walked home from Wal-Mart.  There are no other stores.  All glory to Wal-Mart! (Click me!!!) I have a smattering of Marilyn Manson on the iPod.  I honestly […]

Alyssa – Assassindroid of your dreams

Isn’t she fucking HOT?!?! The beautiful (and deadly) fembot in that thar pic is Alyssa, also known as ComicBookBabe on Niteflirt. I’ll just quote here what I wrote over at Fembot Central: The image in question The reason for the image More info When I found Alyssa on NiteFlirt I was so impressed (and pleased, […]

Crap… ran out of time tonight

So I’m back “fixing” a friends computer.  That’s the same computer I talked bout earlier.  Apparently, Windows XP got reinstalled on its partition, thus removing the Grub boot loader and the ability to dual boot.  That’s fixed now, but OH SWEET JEBUS how awful the display in XP looks now! Even with the latest XP […]

Song of the Day – “KooKooKa Fuk-U” by !!!

!!! Pronounce THAT!  HA! It’s actually pronounced this way: clench your teeth (not tightly) move your tongue to either the left or the right side of your mouth, and push it forward create suction with your tongue, compressing the air underneath and behind it release your tongue, pulling it back and away from your teeth […]

Song of the Day – “Another Sunday” by I Mother Earth

Ah, memories.  This song is full of em for me.  Or maybe it’s me that’s full of memories when this song is nearby. Most Canadians above a certain age have heard of I Mother Earth, and plenty of them know many of the songs from 1996’s “Scenery and Fish” off by heart.  This album came […]

“The Robots of Love” – one year later

It was 1 year ago today that I uploaded my comic “The Robots of Love” to FembotWiki.  And it was just over a year ago that I finished it.  My final lettering and final addition of “LEDs” to the faceoff scenes occurred just 30 minutes before 2009 started. Of course, I can’t take credit for […]

Katie Price is a robot

My friend Barak shared some nice pics with me yesterday.  I now present, on my shitty blog… The one and only Kaitie Price robot! (Click on the pics to get a larger view) She sure is perty.  And she sure does really look like a robot.  Check out that face… it HAS to be made […]

Song of the Day – “Listen, Learn, Read On” by Deep Purple

Wow… GROOVY man! Time to dress like Austin Powers and summon the Fembots, because it’s SWINGING TIME!!! I’m sure lots of you know Deep purple from their international hit “Slow Walking Walter”.  You know the one.  The song goes “Slow… walking Walter… fire engine guy.”  That was from 1972.  This song is from 1968.  Two […]

Song of the Day – “El Scorcho” by Weezer

God dam those half-Japanese girls indeed! From Weezer’s 1996 album “Pinkerton” comes “El Scorcho“, which is about this chick Rivers Cuomo met at Harvard or something.  The lyrics reveal ol’ Rivers to be a depraved creep.  Well, at least he was in 1995.  Look at him on the cover of The Red Album and you […]

Song of the Day – “Eight Times Over Miss October” by Clutch

Sivs and peas. I read a bit about this song on the interwebs a while ago… actually… I do believe it was a “multimedia” presentation on the Elephant Rider’s CD itself… but somehow this song was inspired by tales of witches and pilgrims back in the early days of the American colonies. Alien colonoscopies are […]

Song of the Day – “Dodo / Lurker” by Genesis

Ah… the 80s.  I think it was inevitable that  all those great bands from the 70s looked around at each other in the 80s and said “Well, we’ve got all this great new recording technology.  Recordings can sound better than they ever have.  New advances in even stereo equipment and vinyl pressing can make everything […]

Song of the Day – “Into the Deep” by Kula Shaker

Ah, what a song.  And what an album.  I don’t know how many people have even heard of Kula Shaker, but their debut album, 1996’s “K” is one of my top 10 favorite albums of all time.  I’ve let some friends of mine hear it, and I’ve played it at work, and it gets rave […]

Song of the Day “Backwards Traveller / Cuff Link” by Wings

Okay… I’m surprisingly alert considering I literally raced around work from around 10:00 to 4:00.  I mean racing literally… I had to get shit done. So I rewarded myself with another phone sex call.  I’ll have to get into some more detail about how these things shake down in another post.  The girl I talked […]

Can’t write Song of the Day now… phone sex.

Yes, I’ve done it again.  I’ve spent my hard earned cash on another trip down to the robot lab for some one-on-one time with a beautiful female android.  Tonight I heard a sweet feminine monotone voice tell me just what I wanted to hear as I unfolded a tale of the Fembot Beauty Pageant. Picture […]