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A Spy Affair – Chapter 1

I have a new comic to share with everyone!  Thanks to the awesome creative work of the artist Alvarex and the colourist Mangueira, Chapter 1 of my audio play “A Spy Affair” has been brought to life as a full colour 17-page comic. The audio play was one of my favourite collaborations that I ever […]

CyberFem Stories – Writer’s Commentary

It’s been just over five years since I commissioned, lettered and posted my two CyberFem Stories comics.  I can look at them now and enjoy them as some pure technosexual smut, celebrating the erotic beauty of androids. Here are those comics, so that you can read and enjoy them if you haven’t already: CyberFem Stories […]


The Robots of Love One year later Writer’s Commentary High Resolution Version Sexdroids in Space Writer’s Commentary High Resolution Version Shemale Android Sex Sirens Writer’s Commentary High Resolution Version Future F.A.I.T. Writer’s Commentary High Resolution Version S.A.S.S. Agents Sarina Valentina Ashley George S.A.S.S. Renegades Writer’s Commentary High Resolution Version CyberFem Stories Volume 1 Volume 2 […]

Other Comics and Art

CyberFem Stories Volume 2 — High Resolution Shemale Version

CyberFem Stories Volume 2 — High Resolution Version

CyberFem Stories Volume 1 — High Resolution Version

S.A.S.S. Renegades — High Resolution Version

S.A.S.S. Agents — High Resolution Version

Future F.A.I.T. — High Resolution Version

Shemale Android Sex Sirens — High Resolution Version

Sexdroids in Space — High Resolution Version

The Robots of Love – High Resolution Version

CyberFem Stories Volume 1

I have a brand new comic to share! I’ve teamed up again with the incredibly talented AB Lust to bring this one to life, and it’s the start of a series of short comics that will take place in and around CyberFem Park – that wonderful, wonderful place.  And starring in this one as the […]

Kalie the Robot

Recently on NiteFlirt, I’ve been playing with a lovely chubby honey named Kalie.  She was brand new to fembot roleplay when I first contacted her, but she was looking for new experiences, and I’m glad she decided to try my kind of fun.  This single page mini-comic was inspired by her beauty and as a […]

Kim 10144213 Model 500 at CyberFem Park

I just had to commission another single comic page for the lovely and talented Kim Coquette on NiteFlirt.  She’s been so awesome to the technosexual community, and her talents are second to none.  So this is to show my appreciation for all of the good times she’s given me. My thanks go out once more […]

S.A.S.S. Renegades — Writer’s Commentary

“S.A.S.S. Renegades” is my latest commissioned comic, and the sequel to “Shemale Android Sex Sirens“.  Along with my comic “Sexdroids in Space”, it is the comic story of which I am most proud. I hadn’t originally intended to make a sequel to S.A.S.S.  Before I posted that comic, I contacted the lovely Sarina Valentina, who […]

Shemale Android Sex Sirens — Writer’s Commentary

S.A.S.S. is a beautiful thing.  Spoilers will be plentiful, so if you have never read the comic, I suggest you do that first.  This third major comic of mine was a diversion for me, both in the kinky sense of the word and in another.  First of all, it was the first comic I had […]

Future F.A.I.T. — Writer’s Commentary

Comic number four that I commissioned was Future F.A.I.T.  It was always meant to be the first in a series of comics, but I have yet to commission the next part.  Future F.A.I.T. is a light-hearted and (hopefully) funny homage to and parody of classic SciFi tropes and settings, and it stars the lovely Kiwi […]

Fembot festiveness

Tis the season, etc, etc, etc.  Lorem ipsum dolor, and all that.  Back in 2011 when I commissioned the wondrous “S.A.S.S. Renegades“, the artist A.B. Lust sent me a Christmas card featuring some S.A.S.S. agents decked out in seasonal regalia.  Now that the full comic has been finished and released, I can share this extra […]

The Adventures of Scary Barry

Seeing as how I pay professional comic artists to draw my lovely comics for me, I have often said that my drawing skills are non-existent and that I can’t draw.  This isn’t actually 100% true.  I can sort-of draw.  But I will admit that I can’t draw sexy women, so you’ll never see me attempt […]

Robotman’s Comics: B-Sides, Outtakes and Rarities

Since 2008 when I started commissioning fembot comics from some great artists, I’ve collected many images and sketches related to those projects.  I was digging through my archives recently and found some nice artwork that I think others might like to see. So here’s my version of scraping the barrel to release stuff that was […]

Future F.A.I.T.

I’m addicted to commissioning fembot comics.  Is that such a bad thing?  I’m not going to answer that. Speaking of fembot comics, here’s another one!  Drawn and inked by Predator, coloured by Kanel Kitch, and lettered by Robotman…. Future F.A.I.T. A fun and cheesy homage and parody of 1950s sci-fi movies, featuring 5 different covers […]

But who will read the Watchmen?

So, I went yesterday from reading about the worst movie ever made to the best comic book ever made. I am of course, talking about “Sexdroids in Space”. Kidding.  That’s just my personal favourite. No, I mean the Alan Moore written masterpiece “Watchmen”.  I had heard people say it was good, etc, and so on, […]