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So much for predictions.

Bah.  I was gonna blog.  I used to blog.  Now I just work.  Bah. So what’s changed in Robotman’s life recently?  I have had all hope beaten out of me, for one thing.  But do not despair!  I’m only talking about my job.  I’ve got plenty of hope outside of my shitty job of being […]

Exhaustion time again

And I sleep early.  Goodnight.

Friday night… Hooray!

After the gruelling week I just had, the only thing I can think to do with a full weekend ahead of me now is sleep. But not before I whine a little first.  I just had to fill in for my boss for 2 weeks + 1 day.  I’m capable of doing everything he does, […]


Technically, I’m being monetarily rewarded for pushing myself literally to exhaustion every week.  So I guess this is worth it.  Goodnight.

I never get to do fun stuff on a Friday

I wanted to play on the phone again tonight, but I’m too damn tired.  So here’s a funny comic instead. And because I’m such a nice guy, here’s your chance to download a version of Adobe Photoshop for free!  Yes indeed!  Just save this link and you’ll have your very own copy of Adobe Photoshop!  […]

Tonight no posty…. sleepy….


Jonesin’ bad and really fucking tired

Here’s a predictable statement from me… I need to talk to one of those sexy NiteFlirt ladies in a MAJOR way.  I didn’t get to play at all last week because of all the tired and sore I brought home from work. And that statement segues quite nicely into this next one: I’m hella fucking […]

Nothing much

Family Guy’s jokes are usually pretty contrived, and one can usually see them coming from six blocks away.  But sometimes they’re done so awesomely that one has to admire them. Like this. Anyway, this was supposed to be a day for me to get all kinds of stuff done, but I had to sit around […]

The Robots of Love – Mobile Version

Well, I made a “Mobile Version” of The Robots of Love.  It’s basically one panel per image… and it comes out to 157 images instead of 26. I wasn’t able to upload it all in one zip file however.  And seeing as how I can barely keep my eyes open, I will have to work […]

Song of the Day – “Who’ll Stop the Rain” by Creedence Clearwater Revival

I just read a Wikipedia article about what this song is about.  I can take that or leave it I guess.  To me, this song is about oppression.  I can hear “Who’ll stop the reign” in that chorus too.  That’s one of the reasons I like this song.  It can be interpreted in different ways. […]

Song of the Day: “Another Night” by Camel

Not a lot of people have even heard of Camel, and that’s a shame because they were a great band for most of the 70s.  They were a great band through the 90s too, even with only one original member remaining.  Let’s not speak of the 80s. I’ve had a busy day today, so this […]