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The remikeification of Genesis shall commence…

Well, I’ve plowed my way through all of those 2007 remixed Genesis albums I talked about a while ago.  If you don’t know what I mean when I talk about Mikeification, read that post.  It’s audio editing.  Do I sense?  Not mind. Now that I’ve actually listened to all those albums in their remixed form, […]

Mikeification wins again!

I’ve babbled before about what I call “Mikeification” – which is essentially audio restoration.  I use an audio editor to modify the music I listen to so that it sounds more pleasing to my ears.  I’m not talking about mashing it up with something else, or adding dope beats.  No, primarily I take my old […]

A fun weekend of doing as little as possible

As little work as possible, that is.  I’ve been really busy this weekend with more Mikeification of more Jimi Hendrix.  The process shouldn’t have taken three weeks.  It doesn’t take more than about an hour to do an album.  But I have zero time during the week to get fun stuff like this done, so […]


No, not this guy… No, not even this guy… THIS guy. This blog post is about the late great Jimi Hendrix, and his awesome talent with the Play-Doh Mop-Top play set. Man, no one could use that thing like he did. Just kidding.  This was his tool of choice: Yikes!  It’s VERY SCAAAAARY in German!!! […]

“Wow man, that sounds fuckin good.”

I am rather talented when it comes to Mikeifying music, I must say. What is Mikeifying, I hear you ask? Well, Mikeification is the process of me using Cool Edit to adjust the audio properties of songs that I put onto my iPod.  Basically, I makes the tunes sounds more gooder.  The tricks I use […]

Civ Sabbath

Yesterday afternoon and this morning, while taking codeine for my delightful headache, I’ve been playing another round of Civilization II.  You know, that 14 year old game that I can just never get enough of. This time, I was playing as the Zulus.  I’m fond of reading (via text-to-speech software) Wikipedia articles about the history […]

Song of the Day – “Synthesizer” by Electric Six

Two things I’ll tell ya right off the bat, buddy. This is an awesome song Nobody from Electric Six appears in this video Some comedian made the video.  And he did a damn fine job.  Come, let us laugh at him.  Ha! I think it was this song that made me actually break down and […]

The Mikeification of Peter Hammill

Well, I dun finished messin with those Peter Hammill CDs I bought.  I now have his solo albums from 1971 to 1988.  Eventually I’ll get the 90s stuff, then the 00s.  He’s got over 30 freakin albums, people.  I need time to digest this music. And before I even listen to it, I go and […]