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Top Primate!

(or “I have had it with these motherfucking migraines on this motherfucking plane (of existence)) (or “I have had it with these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday to Friday plane“) So, if you’ve read my crappy blog at all… and God, why would you?  Anyway, if you have, then you have no doubt read all […]

It’s Summertime!

Well break out the fucking pointy party hats and such because Calgary is getting some nice weather again.  We’re not breaking any records, I’m sure, but this is the kind of weather we usually get in July and August.  And it will be here for a week.  And it’s probably the reason why I was […]

Sorry about the lack of posts lately

Yeah.  What he said.  I have no fucking time to myself any more.  Grumble.  And I had one of the worst headaches I’ve ever had in my life today.  I trust you, oh reader, are doing better.

No post tonight

I need to get to sleep ASAP.

Tonight no posty…. sleepy….


I am a raccoon

Why, you ask, am I a raccoon? Here are the facts: I am a lovable scamp with a fluffy and ringed tail My adorable whiskers twitch when I sniff around for morsels of food I wash my food in a stream before I eat it I have large black circles under my eyes Now it’s […]

Tonight’s post….

… has been canceled due to my rather excruciating and disorienting weather headache.  Here is a funny picture that makes a good point.

April 12 – “Don’t Use Your Turn Signal” day!

Everybody celebrate!  Why spend ALL that time using your turn signal when you can just skip it! Sometimes I think everyone around me is drinking bleach to get stupider on purpose.  Actually, that’s almost an accurate statement. I’m cranky, tired and sore, so I’m going to get horizontal and attempt to lose consciousness. Wish me […]

Attention: Complaint Department

Well, bluddy ell. I heard on the weather today that the atmosphere above Calgary was unstable.  No shit.  When I got out of work, it was freezing.  When I rode the train through to downtown, it was a fucking blizzard.  When I got downtown there was no freezing rain but it was about as windy […]

Brief and meaningless

It’s Friday.  Good for me.  I’m going to bore you for a while and talk about my weather headaches.  Lately I’ve been getting disorientingly dizzy along with the headache pain.  So my solution is to get myself a prosthetic head.  I can probably just get something made of Styrofoam.  Just pin some googly eyes to […]