Video Carnage!

8-bit race car

If you are a fan of video games like I am, then you may have played a racing game or two.  I love playing racing and driving games, whether they are competitive in nature or just simulations.

If you read any of my Golfyssey posts where I reviewed golf video games, then you might have read about how I love to play video games even though I’m generally bad at them.  This applies to those golf games I love to play as well as the racing games that I love.  I’ll never win any competitions with my virtual driving skills, but I do enjoy coming back to those pixelated and polygon vehicles time and time again to take them for a spin.

When I started The Golfyssey, it was mainly to review golf games but also to talk about the original console and computer hardware those games were first played on.  I’ll skip that part for Video Carnage, unless I have something very interesting to add or something to correct.  Or if I’m talking about a system that I haven’t talked about before.

It turns out there are a hell of a lot more driving and racing games than there are golf games.  Who would have guessed that?!  The previous round of reviews taught me that I’m in a small crowd in liking golf games – especially the no-frills games that play more as serious simulations more than goofy and loud toys.  With racing games, my tastes are more mainstream.  There is one glaring exception that I’ll talk about further down the road, but for the most part, I’m attracted to racing games for the same reasons that most people are.

But I also love, love, love them just for the enjoyment of “driving”.  I can actually play and like playing those few games that offer free driving on a road with nothing else happening.  This might have something to do with the fact that I don’t drive a car in real life.  Because I was so poor growing up, I never could afford a car, so I never bothered to learn how to drive.  When I later could afford things like that, I wouldn’t have gotten a license anyway because of my almost daily migraines.  So these games are as close to driving as I get.  Except for when I drove a forklift at previous jobs.  I’m actually a fucking kick-ass forklift driver.

So off we go down the Video Carnage road with Robotman at the wheel!  I have this set of reviews mapped out ahead of me, so I won’t end up reviewing the same game more than once like I did in The Golfyssey.  I also made sure that if a particular console has the best version of a particular game, I’ll review that version.  I think this will be more informative for you, and it will certainly be more fun for me.

8-bit Steering Wheel