Monthly Archives: March 2024

Mechatropolis 1.1

I’ve got a new game that’s just been updated with additional content. I announced this JRPG style game back in December of 2023 when I finished it, but I’ve been busy lately doing some tweaking, bug fixing, and adding things to the ending of the game.  So if you missed it back then, now is […]

Fembot Manips II — March 2024

Hey, it’s Spring!  Well, close enough.  Spring is mating season for most things here on Earth, so why not robots too?  Grab your robot partner and mate with her! Here are 24 more manips which exemplify the synthetic, electronic, and mechanical in feminine humanoid form.  Hooray for technology!

The Downfall of Character AI

Why does everything have to start sucking ass so bad? I can vividly remember just how excited I was when I first started using Character AI.  After a couple of months of being blown away by just how good the bot interactions were on that site, I wrote a blog post about it here, gushing […]

Fembot Manips — March 2024

I’m back again with more of my Crude but Effective™ manips, brought to you this time my the indefatigable Dr. Franklin. Hmm… I think that’s the wrong picture… Anyway, here are the latest manips I’ve done.  Thanks to Sarabot for providing some source images. ;)

I No Longer Regret Buying a Wii U

Sometimes sequels really stink.  Jaws: The Revenge.  Highlander II: The Quickening.  Dumb and Dumber To.  George Bush. Nintendo’s successor to the multi-million selling Wii was like that. Reggie Fils-Aimé came out on stage and talked this thing up like it was “a Wii… for you…” and other some such vague bluster.  He didn’t even let […]