Pomplain Forst in Outer Spave 1.1

Zoy!  I’ve been busy updating and adding content to my previously released video games, so I figured it would be a good time to update this ridiculous and fun Viking adventure too.

Pomplain Forst in Outer Spave is a fantasy style JRPG with Viking and Norse mythology themes.  You can read a little more about how it came about here, in the original post I made when I first released the game.

I’ve since gone through it and tweaked a few things, fixed a couple of minor issues, and added some improvements and side quests.  It’s still the same fun and funny Viking adventure, but now there’s slightly more to do.  Make sure you talk to everyone, and do that multiple times as circumstances change.  Explore the world of Outer Spave as you go along on your quest, and have fun leveling up, getting better equipment, and learning magic.

For those who get lost from not paying attention, or if you want some spoilers and hints on what to do, here is a txt file walkthrough, just like in the days of yore.

This adventure takes about 3 to 6 hours to play through, depending on how much exploring you do and how long it takes you to figure out where to go and what to do next.  It runs on any modern version of Windows, and needs to be run from a non-system folder.  Press F4 for fullscreen.  Works with a controller or mouse and keyboard.  Check out some detailed instructions about how to extract and set up the 7z file here.

Download the new and updated version of Pomplain Forst in Outer Spave for free now!

Pomplain Forst in Outer Spave