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Song of the Day – “The Sound of the Atom Splitting” by Pet Shop Boys

What a delightful little ditty! This is about as experimental and “avant-garde” as this duo of gay dudes ever got.  And I’ve never actually written “avant-garde” before.  I had to look it up.  And now I’ve gone and used it twice in quick succession. Can you dance to this?  Would you want to?  I’m not […]

Song of the Day – “King’s Cross” by Pet Shop Boys

Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Today’s “Song of the Day” post is about…. Sorry, I have to make a childish joke first. “Dong of the Gay”. Heh.  Derp. Okay, this post is about how sheltered and naive I used to be.  When I was growing up, my parents were very strict about everything.  […]

Song of the Day – “KooKooKa Fuk-U” by !!!

!!! Pronounce THAT!  HA! It’s actually pronounced this way: clench your teeth (not tightly) move your tongue to either the left or the right side of your mouth, and push it forward create suction with your tongue, compressing the air underneath and behind it release your tongue, pulling it back and away from your teeth […]

Song of the Day – “Snake Oil” by Steve Earle

I get some strange shit pop up on my iPod from time to time.  That’s thanks to the wide variety of stuff I like, so sometimes shuffle play can be a little jarring from one song to the next.  Today’s song of the day is one of my favorite Steve Earl songs, from his most […]