Monthly Archives: October 2019

Fembot Manips – September to October 2019 (and bonus videos)

It’s time to share some of the manips I’ve been making.  Here is the latest batch from the last five weeks.  Enjoy! And here’s a little video clip I made out of the Japanese Robot manip.   Bonus videos! These are three videos I made back in 2013 on a site called GoAnimate.  That site […]

Robot Radio (For Fallout 4)

Those of you who play Fallout 4 might remember the Radio K.I.M. series of “broadcasts” I created with the lovely and talented Kim Coquette for use in the game.  Those require the PipPOD mod and add dozens of hours of audio content to the game. Well, I’ve made another broadcast set, though unfortunately I can’t […]

Shemale Robots Five

Here is my latest batch of manips, featuring lovely ladies with ballcock assemblies.  For bonus points, spot the comically altered Sega Master System video game box art. Bonus video: