Robot Radio (For Fallout 4)

Those of you who play Fallout 4 might remember the Radio K.I.M. series of “broadcasts” I created with the lovely and talented Kim Coquette for use in the game.  Those require the PipPOD mod and add dozens of hours of audio content to the game.

Well, I’ve made another broadcast set, though unfortunately I can’t afford Kim’s services right now.  Instead of The Commonwealth’s favourite android DJ, this one features a former eyebot and now sentient blonde android DJ Jennifer, and her co-host Alice.

So here is Robot Radio 1, broadcasting from an undisclosed location, and playing 50 songs about female androids for all of those technosexual listeners out there.

And in case you missed them, and want to hear Kim Coquette’s amazing performance as an android DJ, here are the Radio K.I.M. files:

There are also MP3 versions of these files, in case you don’t play Fallout 4 on PC, or just want to listen to them:

And the MP3 versions of Radio K.I.M.:

And here are some bonuses.  These are all included in the various Radio K.I.M. installments, but are available here separately if you’d like to listen to them by themselves: