Monthly Archives: April 2020

Erobot Assassindroid

Back in 2013, I was asked to write a “blurb” for a new paper RPG called Heavy Future.  It’s a Sci-Fi RPG with futuristic elements, and in particular, androids. I ended up writing a rather neat little story for it, which made it into the supplemental Erobots Unmasked.  I stumbled on it again while going […]

Let’s Go for a Van Ride

I’ve made another song, inspired by a scene from The Bionic Woman TV series of the 1970s. This song was inspired by questions like “What are those two fembots doing in that white van?” and “Have you got any more of those fembots, Guvna?” I tried to go for a kind of “spooky” and “unsettling” […]

Fembot Manips – April 2020

As I sit here in my space station populated by gorgeous female androids, I peer down upon Planet Earth and despair for the state of humanity.  Zounds, a pox!  Fret not, good people of Earth, I shall dispatch an army of robots! (DISCLAIMER: None of the above is remotely true in any way shape or […]