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Song of the Day – “Oooh.” by De La Soul

It’s not often that a rap song makes it into the ranks of my favourite songs.  Public Enemy and N.W.A. have some in there, but mostly my favourite songs are done by guys like this: But this song is great.  Check out the actual video too, if you want to see some Wizard of Oz […]

Song of the Day – “Chocolate Rain” by Tay Zonday

Okay, this isn’t a song that I like much.  But my friend Uncle Furry has never even heard of this meme.  Actually, he’s never even heard of the word “meme”. This can only mean one thing.  Uncle Furry spends his free time doing far more productive things than me.  So be it. Would you believe […]

Song of the Day – “Slow Dawn” by Smashing Pumpkins

The Smershing Pampkins are one of those bands that you either like or don’t like.  I quite like them… most of the time.  I worked with a guy who was a Smoshing Pimpkuns fanatic, and he extolled their virtues up and down and all around.  But I had known them from before, with their neato […]

Song of the Day – “From the River” by The Villains

You’ve probably never heard of this band.  You may have heard this song though.  But only if you live in Canada, and especially in Calgary. The Villains were a band that existed from the late 90s in Grande Prarie until around 2007 in Calgary.  I worked with two of the members at my last job, […]

Song of the Day – “One More Time” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Demo version, that is.  I reckon.  You can’t talk about things from “The South” without saying “I reckon” every now and then.  I reckon. I only know the demo version of this song.  The YouTube search results tell me that there is a version of this song on “Street Survivors”.  Determining the veracity of that […]

Song of the Day – “International Dateline” by Ladytron

How could a technosexual such as myself not eventually notice a band called Ladytron? I do believe someone on Fembot Central mentioned them many years ago, and that’s how I first heard of them.  When Ladytron first came out, they had a kind of “Kraftwerk” look going for them. They’ve long since abandoned that gimmick, […]