Song of the Day – “International Dateline” by Ladytron

How could a technosexual such as myself not eventually notice a band called Ladytron?

I do believe someone on Fembot Central mentioned them many years ago, and that’s how I first heard of them.  When Ladytron first came out, they had a kind of “Kraftwerk” look going for them. They’ve long since abandoned that gimmick, but they’ve only gotten better as musicians.

Yes, I like them for more than the inclusion of the extremely lovely Helen Marnie.

She is quite a stunner.  Whether she’s set to stun by default, I don’t know.

Her voice is simply incredible.  It’s ultra-feminine and sexy as all get out.  I’m a sucker for feminine voices, so that’s one more reason I like listening to Ladytron.

But even beyond all those reasons, they make fucking fantastic music.  I’ve seen the genre described as “Electro” or “Electro Clash”.   I don’t care what people call it.  It’s brilliant stuff.

This song in particular is one of their best.  I think it’s about a couple breaking up at the same moment that their plane is falling out of the sky at the International Dateline.  Kind of a dark topic.

Most of their lyrics are dark.  That’s one more thing I like about them.  They don’t get up there and sing “Shake your booty!!” lyrics.  I’d like to see Helen Marnie’s booty shake though.  I had a huge crush on her a few years ago.  I was actually going to write her into my story “36+1” as an android duplicate made for the character “Mike”, but I never got around to it.  I never did finish that story… it started to go somewhere I didn’t really want to take it.

I wanted that story – a continuation of “H is for Heuristic” – to be a sexy celebration of all things fembotic.  The way the plot came out as I wrote it, Tammy was going to start feeling “jealous” about the time that Mike spent with Anya.  And I didn’t want to spoil the fembot orgy feel of the story, so I just didn’t continue it.  Who knows if I’ll finish it.

But back to Ladytron.  The other chick in the band has become quite a good singer too.  She used to provide (on top of her synth parts) those “robotic” and “monotone” vocalizations over Helen Marnie’s singing, but now she can hold her own in that department.  She’s hot too.

Let’s end it here.