Song of the Day – “One More Time” by Lynyrd Skynyrd

Demo version, that is.  I reckon.  You can’t talk about things from “The South” without saying “I reckon” every now and then.  I reckon.

I only know the demo version of this song.  The YouTube search results tell me that there is a version of this song on “Street Survivors”.  Determining the veracity of that shall be a task for another day, I reckon.  But this is great music.  I really like Lynyrd Skynyrd.  And as this graphic from The Onion suggests, it is a sign of respect to drop the “Lynyrd” from the name.

But first, I must do something.  Bear with me.  I reckon.

Lanard Skanard
Lenerd Skenerd
Linird Skinird
Lonord Skonord
Lunurd Skunurd

And sometimes “Y”.  But always “Y” actually.  Why?

Well, I reckon, it’s got something to do with the way they do things down in “The South”.  I have a couple of friends in “The South”.  Texas, actually.  When you’re as far away as I am, up in Canada, you can go ahead and call Texas part of “The South”.  Even though it isn’t.  I will keep y’all updated on whether or not my Texas friends complain about me and my geographical misdeeds.  I reckon.

I also want to say that I don’t think I want to know about the politics of the youngens who made up Skynyrd.  I saw a Confederate flag in that video link.  Let’s just say that not everyone digs the Confederate flag, and that not everyone agrees on what it stands for, I reckon.

Man, I wreckin the English language in this post.  In all my posts, actually.  And I tend to think of myself as one who can string words together in often pleasing forms.


Lynyrd Skynyrd died
One mournful day in Autumn
Stop it already

That was aimed at the people now calling themselves Lynyrd Skynyrd.  I don’t think any of them read this blog, I reckon.


From demo tapes an early tune
Much later to be heard by more
A paean to love and misfortune
And bittersweetness to the fore

Yeah, I guess I only sound eloquent when I’m trying to.  Meh.

Did you know that the word “Meh” was invented by “The Simpsons”?  Homer said “Meh” in an episode, and it was the start of something wonderful.

So obviously I’m rambling again, but this is only to make that banner at the very bottom of the page ring true.  I reckon.

Right now I’m also getting some Basement Jaxx onto my iPod.  Fuck Apple.  I bought a DVD called “Basement Jaxx – The Videos” so I could have a nice copy of that nice song “Plug It In” and its nicer video.  In case you haven’t seen “Plug It In“, the video features a half dozen beautiful female robots.  This is good.

I used Acidrip to rip an avi file from the DVD and Sound Converter to get an editable sound file.  Now I’m saving each song as mp3s so I can upload it to my music player and listen to it on the bus while I try not to smell the people around me.

And when “Plug It In” comes on, I’ll try to think of Mile Heidi.