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My dedicated Civilization II terminal

Praise be to Uncle Furry, for he hath bestowed upon me a 10 year old Thinkpad with which to bask in the glory of Windows 98 SE! Hosanna! I had originally considered reinstalling one of the virtual Windows XP setups I run as a virtual OS inside Linux.  As you are probably tired of hearing, […]

Civ Sabbath

Yesterday afternoon and this morning, while taking codeine for my delightful headache, I’ve been playing another round of Civilization II.  You know, that 14 year old game that I can just never get enough of. This time, I was playing as the Zulus.  I’m fond of reading (via text-to-speech software) Wikipedia articles about the history […]

Another fine day wasted

Well, I did lots of stuff yesterday, so today was declared to be Vegetation Day.  I accomplished not much more than sitting on my ass playing video games and reading.  To be specific, I played another long round of Civilization 2 while I had my text-to-speech program read articles on Wikipedia about geological epochs. You […]

Game over and format fiddling

Another day, another load of time spent playing Civ II.  That game is addicting.  I kicked everyone’s ass and won the game, of course.  I read more about ancient Chinese history too.  I’m such a geek. I just updated FembotWiki, and now it’s time to get to bed.  But not before I bitch about Windows […]

Old games

It’s way past my bed time.  Good lord, it’s almost 11 PM! I long ago declared Saturday’s to be my vegetation day, but I end up doing a lot of work anyway.  Still, that didn’t stop me from playing Civilization II again today.  I like Civ II because it can run on my virtual Windows […]