My dedicated Civilization II terminal

Praise be to Uncle Furry, for he hath bestowed upon me a 10 year old Thinkpad with which to bask in the glory of Windows 98 SE!


I had originally considered reinstalling one of the virtual Windows XP setups I run as a virtual OS inside Linux.  As you are probably tired of hearing, I can’t install one of my favouritist games evar in XP SP3.  This is untenable.  Also, this is madness.  Also, this… is… SPARTA!!!

And believe it or not, Civ2 isn’t just a time waster for me.  When I play it, I’m actually learning stuff too.  I simultaneously read many a Wikipedia article on some historical topic or another while I play.  And the mindless gameplay relaxes me like nothing else after a shitty week of working way too hard and putting up with stupid people.

Sleep relaxes me more, come to think of it.  Yesterday I had a day off, so I took a little nap in the middle of the day.  I had 5 hours of the deepest sleep possible, and woke up feeling better than I had for a week.

And then I picked up a game of Civ2 from where I had left it over a month ago.  See, this little laptop isn’t ideal for playing games like Civ2.  The screen is too small and the keyboard just slightly too cramped for comfort.  But now it’s the easy solution because it’s one of only 2 machines I have left on which to play that game.

And my first PC is just too slow, even for Civ2.

But since I’m not going to bother downgrade any of my XP systems to SP2, and since I’m not about to reinstall any of them, this little Thinkpad from the year 2000 is now my dedicated Civ2 terminal.