Old games

It’s way past my bed time.  Good lord, it’s almost 11 PM!

I long ago declared Saturday’s to be my vegetation day, but I end up doing a lot of work anyway.  Still, that didn’t stop me from playing Civilization II again today.  I like Civ II because it can run on my virtual Windows XP running in VirtualBox on my Linux PC.  And while I play Civ II, I can do some reading.

My screen reader has been telling me all about ancient Chinese history today, courtesy of Wikipedia.  I’m deep in the goings on and intrigues of the Han Dynasty right now, and I’ll probably continue tomorrow.

This post lacks humour, so I’ll relay some jokes which I made up the day Michael Jackson died.  I’m happy Michael Jackson is dead.  When I heard that fucking freak had died I immediately smiled and said “Really?  COOL!”

Jokes about that decomposing soda salesman now follow:

Q: “Why did Michael Jackson cross the road?”

A: “He didn’t.  Because he’s dead.”

Take some time to wipe those tears of laughter from your eyes.  I know how potent this stuff is.  This is comedic GOLD.

We proceed to joke #2:

Q: “Knock knock.”

A: “Who’s there?”

Q: “Not Michael Jackson.  Because he’s dead.”

And once again, after you have regained your composure and as you are holding your sore-from-laughing abdomen, you can proceed reading the rest of this.

It won’t be funny… sorry.  I blew my “comedy load” on those two excellent jokes.  Read them again if you want to re-live the glory.

Civilization II is even older than Age of Empires, which I’ve mentioned before.  Civ II came out in 1996.  I guess I’m easily amused if I play 12 and 13 year old computer games on a repeated basis.  Hee hee.

There’s something about old-school pre-3D computer graphics that is just fun for me.  I like playing with console game emulators for the same reason… the old ones, of course.  Back when a game could fit on a 2kb (that’s not a typo) cartridge.

If anyone wants to buy me a PS3 so I can play the latest Grand Theft Auto, by the way, feel free.