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Video Carnage 36 — The Checkered Flag

My Video Carnage reviews have all wrapped up, and I’ve done the circuit from console to console, all the way from the lowly Odyssey to the Xbox.  I’ve stopped in with some computers along the way to check out the driving there,and all told, I reviewed 99 games for 33 systems.  Now it’s time to […]

Video Carnage 06 — Intellivision

Let’s check in with that console that really should have had a longer lifespan, the Intellivision.  The main things that caused an early demise for this system are of course the Video Game Crash of 1983 and those god-awful controllers.  Things were more powerful under the hood than many people realized, and later games released […]

Golfyssey 27 — Robotman’s Front 9

Over the past three weeks, I’ve reviewed a total of 60 golf video games for 24 different systems.  This Golfyssey has taken me all the way from the lowly Atari 2600 to the PC and beyond.  I’ve played terrible games that barely resemble golf and only serve to frustrate, to realistic simulations that are so […]