Beyond Futureworld

I have a new dystopian adventure to announce.

Beyond Futureworld is my attempt to make a coherent and entertaining story using characters and settings from the 1976 movie Futureworld and the 1980 TV series Beyond Westworld.  It’s a visual novel style game that has the player control John Moore as he attempts to solve a heist of Delos robots.

I had the inspiration to make a game that combined stories from Futureworld and Beyond Westworld for some time, but I always had a major problem to overcome – the writing in the original movie and TV series is shockingly bad.

But I think I’ve come up with a way around that by just retconning some of the more bogus elements of the various characters and settings.  The story I’ve come up with diverges from its inspiration in multiple ways, so don’t expect to be following along with the plot of the movie or the series episodes.

This does take about 90 minutes to two hours to play through, and it is a rather linear experience.  There is a splitting point about two thirds of the way through, that will lead the player either to the good ending, or one of two bad endings.  There is no battle or combat in this game at all, and as I stated above, it is very much a visual novel style experience.

So get into Delos Headquarters and start talking to people and to robots!  Download Beyond Futureworld for free here:

Beyond Futureworld

Works on Windows 7 and above, out of a non-system folder.  Check out this post on what to do with a 7z file if you’re unfamiliar.  And take a look at the other video games I’ve made too.