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Video Carnage 05 — Odyssey²

The racing games for the Odyssey² were both pack-in games on the same cartridge.  I mentioned them before, and there really isn’t a whole lot to say about them.  The Odyssey² game library contains some surprisingly good and memorable games, but these to ain’t really among them. Speedway! (1978) The idea behind this game is […]

Video Carnage 01 – Odyssey

Set the Wayback Machine for 1968… It’s the Jet Age.  Steppenwolf, The Doors and The Beatles are blasting from your turntable.  Airplanes without propellers and radios without electrical cords are high-tech shit.  And these new transistors that the eggheads are talking about are replacing vacuum tubes everywhere!  Technology is all moving so fast, it’s downright […]