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Song of the Day – “See You on the Other Side” – by Ozzy Osbourne

Apologies, for this version cuts out most of the guitar solo in the middle.  But you get to watch Ozzy being his wacky self.  But you have to put up with YouTube’s slow and crappy “flash video” drivel.  But it comes with a free frozen yogurt which I call “Frogurt”.  The Frogurt is also cursed.  […]

Deep in the midst of Redneckfest

So you may or may not have heard of the Calgary Stampede.  Also, you may or may not care.  I for one do not.  I don’t like 99.99999% of Country Music and I don’t fancy cowboy culture, attire, mannerisms, or anything else associated with cowpoke folk and local yokels smoking yolk over oak and soaking […]

Civ Sabbath

Yesterday afternoon and this morning, while taking codeine for my delightful headache, I’ve been playing another round of Civilization II.  You know, that 14 year old game that I can just never get enough of. This time, I was playing as the Zulus.  I’m fond of reading (via text-to-speech software) Wikipedia articles about the history […]

Song of the Day – “The Writ” by Black Sabbath

The Link. Have I done a Black Sabbath song before here?  Let me check. Negative. Fuck, I’m going to betray Humanity when the robots take over, I just know it.  How could I resist a hot android chick who strides mechanically up to me and seduces me with her synthetic charms? Then again, the rest […]