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July 1 – a very special day

Yes, that’s right.  Every year on July 1, I change the two AA batteries inside my Pink Floyd Pulse CD. I bought this more than 25 years ago when it came out, and the flashing red LED still works.  It’s a crappy live album though, really tedious and boring.  I love Pink Floyd, but this […]

Song of the Day – “Atom Heart Mother” by Pink Floyd

I’m feeling lousy today, so I’ll make this post an easy one. Part 1 Part 2 Wait a minute… didn’t I already talk about this song on this here blog? <checks> Okay, I mentioned it.  And I mentioned how the band members had not considered it to be in their top ten accomplishments of fave […]

Jonesin’ bad and really fucking tired

Here’s a predictable statement from me… I need to talk to one of those sexy NiteFlirt ladies in a MAJOR way.  I didn’t get to play at all last week because of all the tired and sore I brought home from work. And that statement segues quite nicely into this next one: I’m hella fucking […]

Song of the Day – “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” by Pink Floyd

35 years ago today, Syd Barrett wandered suddenly into Abbey Road studios and visited his former bandmates in Pink Floyd as they were working on the final mix of this song. I just noticed this coincidence of a coincidence as I coincidentally listened to some articles about Pink Floyd on Wikipedia.  My usual Vegetation Day […]

The Great Furry Chase of ’06

I found it!  I freaking found it! This was a dream I had some years ago.  I wrote it out as a chat in Yahoo Messenger to my buddy Keizo after I woke up.  I’ve tried to find this text file for years now too.  I finally found it looking through some old documents in […]