July 1 – a very special day

Yes, that’s right.  Every year on July 1, I change the two AA batteries inside my Pink Floyd Pulse CD.

I bought this more than 25 years ago when it came out, and the flashing red LED still works.  It’s a crappy live album though, really tedious and boring.  I love Pink Floyd, but this is not the way I want to remember them.  Give me Live at Pompeii any day over this.

Not only that, but one of the discs in my Pulse set is defective too, so it doesn’t play properly.  No big deal, as it’s probably the Pink Floyd release I least listen to, but it sure looks neat on my shelf.

In other important news, since the switching of web browsers went so well for me, and since my computers run so much faster and cooler without Firefox now, I thought I’d try to ditch the ever more molasses-like Thunderbird email client.

So I tried:

  • Sylpheed – no HTML, plain text only
  • Claws Mail – no HTML, plain text only
  • Balsa – no HTML, plain text only
  • TrojitÁ¡ – no POP3, IMAP only
  • KMail – too kluttered, and doesn’t work from what I can tell.  Krashed in a blaze of error messages.

Well, fuck.  It looks like I’m stuck with Thunderbird for the foreseeable future.  What the fuck is with this “text only” crap?  Speaking of things that have been around since the nineteen fucking nineties, so has HTML email, you know.