Attention: Complaint Department

Well, bluddy ell.

I heard on the weather today that the atmosphere above Calgary was unstable.  No shit.  When I got out of work, it was freezing.  When I rode the train through to downtown, it was a fucking blizzard.  When I got downtown there was no freezing rain but it was about as windy as I’ve seen it all year.  And when I got over to my end of the city, the sun was shining bright.

That’s Calgary.  And that’s doing a number on my fucking head.  Fucking weather headaches.  But I’m still pissed off about my fucking printer.  Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.  That’s fun to say.  Say it with me.  Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

I ordered a laserjet… so I will have to dispose of my crappy “all-in-one”.  The scanner still works great… unless I destroyed it when I threw it into the corner.  I’ll give it a whirl and if it works, I will give it to someone who needs a scanner.

I have a scanner.  It’s very old.  I bought it in 1999 when I bought my first printer.  That printer still works great, but the douchebags at HP no longer make ink for it.  Assholes.  Anyway, the scanner, a Mustek, is a parallel port scanner.  It’s really slow, but it makes decent high-res scans.  And I don’t do much scanning… I only need to scan things maybe 3 or 4 times a year.  So I’ll hook it up to my laptop, which is one of only 2 computers I have with a parallel port input.

I’m kind of glad I can use it again, because I went through quite a song and dance buying a new power adapter for it when I needed to make some scans a while back.  No sooner had I gotten that power adapter than my old music PC died.  Motherboard died.  And my new computer didn’t come with a parallel port connection, and I didn’t think of getting one.

So I got a parallel-port-to-USB adapter.  That worked about as well as a wasp exterminator coated in liquid sugar wearing only a Speedo.  Then I got a PCI parallel port connection.  That never worked either, and I don’t really know why.

Actually, Uncle Furry told me that parallel port scanners won’t work on a connection like that… but printers will.  I guess I will never know for sure.

Anyway, this saga will come to a happy conclusion when I have just a printer and just a scanner.  Like it always should have been.  What a fool I was to try and use those all-in-ones.  When the shitty printer breaks… as they are designed to do… you need to replace BOTH.  Fuck you, HP.

And Fuck Apple.