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The Adventures of Scary Barry

Seeing as how I pay professional comic artists to draw my lovely comics for me, I have often said that my drawing skills are non-existent and that I can’t draw.  This isn’t actually 100% true.  I can sort-of draw.  But I will admit that I can’t draw sexy women, so you’ll never see me attempt […]

So… this can just happen…

I complain about my job a lot on this blog.  My job is very stressful, mostly because I work with so many stupid people.  And please don’t think I’m trying to get laughs, I want to say right now this isn’t a funny post.  I’m serious when I say this.  I work with some of […]

Friday night… Hooray!

After the gruelling week I just had, the only thing I can think to do with a full weekend ahead of me now is sleep. But not before I whine a little first.  I just had to fill in for my boss for 2 weeks + 1 day.  I’m capable of doing everything he does, […]

Jonesin’ bad and really fucking tired

Here’s a predictable statement from me… I need to talk to one of those sexy NiteFlirt ladies in a MAJOR way.  I didn’t get to play at all last week because of all the tired and sore I brought home from work. And that statement segues quite nicely into this next one: I’m hella fucking […]

Song of the Day – “Too Cool” by David Wilcox

Okay, I can’t find this song on YouTube, so as a consolation, the less quirky but catchier “Hypnotizin’ Boogie“. I bet most people have never heard of David Wilcox.  There’s an American folk singer named David Wilcox, but he’s his own man.  I’m talking here about the wacky, off-beat, talented Canadian blues-rock guitarist. He is […]