Friday night… Hooray!

After the gruelling week I just had, the only thing I can think to do with a full weekend ahead of me now is sleep.

But not before I whine a little first.  I just had to fill in for my boss for 2 weeks + 1 day.  I’m capable of doing everything he does, so all that I ever think about when I do his job is how inefficient he’s got things set up.  And I’ve tried to discuss those issues with him, but he refuses to listen.  It doesn’t help that he simply doesn’t care.

But I need to stop thinking about work.  For crying out loud, earlier this week as I was falling asleep, my cat Shitty Kitty jumped on to the bed and crawled on to my chest like she always does.  I was in a half-dream state, so I interpreted this as more work I had to turn my attention to and another request for more work made by someone when I was already too busy and backlogged to even take a fucking break.

Deep breath.  Calm blue ocean….

A weekend will do me good.  Some prime vegetation time awaits… when I will try to accomplish as little as possible and play some decade old video game or another while I read about some arcane historical topic or another.

Life is pretty sweet after all.