Song of the Day – “Edge of Reality” by Elvis Presley

Break out the schmaltz!  Dress up in your Sunday best and be careful not to tap your toes to vigorously!

Now, for some reason, this song has been popping up in my head frequently since I went and put about 22 hours and 55 minutes of Elvis on my iPod.  The tune comes from a time in Elvis’s career when his movies had become a complete fucking joke.

Or were they always?  I don’t know.  That short clip above is the most (shudder) of an Elvis movie I have ever watched.  I am not keen on repeating the experience.  Seriously, what the fuck was that?

Do I like this song a bit less now because of it?  Maybe.  But I actually like it because it is so gawl dang corny.  It sounds like an overt attempt for Elvis’s handlers to make him “hip” again.  The 60s weren’t good to Elvis.  But the 70s were downright cruel to him.

“Aw… shucks.  Don’t be cruel… just make me another fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.”

I’ve always thought it was kind of sad that he ended up dying as a lump of drugged-up fat on the toilet and a pale caricature of his former self.  If I had a time machine, I would go back in time, dressed like Marty McFly, of course, and get him out of Graceland in 1977.  I’d show him all the press about what a sad fuck he had become and implore him to get his shit together, leave town by himself, ride a Harley across the USA and get back into shape.  Then I’d ask George Clinton of Parliament/Funkadelic fame if he would accept the big “E” into his touring band… wait… that might not be to healthy of a lifestyle choice.

But you see what I’m getting at.  Apparently Elvis was known to have complained about how he felt like a caged animal in his final years.

And come to think of it… if I had a time machine I would probably be going off into the future first to pick up some hot female android chicks.  With my luck though, I wouldn’t see as much of this:

As I did of this:

But anyway… if I cared a bit more I’d go look up who wrote this song and see if it was written specifically for Elvis and this horrible, horrible movie.  But I’ve kind of stopped caring.  That happens when I start thinking of beautiful female androids.