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Songs of the Day (a two-fer!)

I remember when I started this blog, I wanted to review one song per day.  I ended up more or less providing a YouTube link (oh, so ephemeral they are) and then rambling on about how my job was making me exhausted.  That and cracking stupid jokes and making lame puns. But I’ve had two […]

Song of the Day – “Anno Mundi” by Black Sabbath

Let’s get something out of the way right off the bat. If you’re a fan of classic Sab, then no doubt you’re scratching your head and saying to yourself in an outlandish mock cockney accent “Oi sure don’t wumembah dis one, gubbnah!” And to that I say “of course not!  You damned fool!  Have you […]

Song of the Day – “Together Again” by Chicago

I don’t really have any deep reason for posting this song… other than the fact that I was listening to it as I rode the bus home today.  It made me think of my girlfriend (the song, not the bus) and it put a smile on my face.  I wish I was with my beautiful […]

Song of the day – “Sing a Mean Tune Kid” by Chicago

Oh, joy.  Oh, happiness and wonderment, etc.  Et-Cetera. Robotman is blogging again!  Aren’t we all lucky!  I’ll tell you something, Buster, I’m pretty fucking lucky.  I no longer have to get up so damn early to get to work early and get home late because I leave work late because of traffic because of construction […]

Song of the Day – “Moribund the Burgermeister” by Peter Gabriel

Let’s get a couple of things out of the way as you are grooving to this strange and wonderful song. Moribund = Stagnant and without vitality or growth Burgermeister = Town councilor, ie. Mayor This song is not, in fact about this guy: Nor this guy: But that looks like one hell of a burger. […]

Song of the Day – “Tiger Rag” by Louis Armstrong

Louis Fucking Armstrong.  The Godfather of Death Metal. Would you believe this song was recorded in the 1940s?  And that the original was released on a 78rpm slate record from 1932? Believe it, or may hornets infest your toilet tank, and explode out of it with a mighty rage when you are bleary-eyed and trying […]

Song of the Day – “Radio” by Supersister

Okay, so I’ve listened to some of that thar Supersister I bought.  And before I progress… that’s a slight pun there… I’ll emphatically state that this is NOT the prefabricated British pop girl group from a couple years ago.  No, this is Robotman’s blog, dawgonnit, and I’m a gonna blabber on about obscure progressive rock […]

Song of the Day – “The Sound of the Atom Splitting” by Pet Shop Boys

What a delightful little ditty! This is about as experimental and “avant-garde” as this duo of gay dudes ever got.  And I’ve never actually written “avant-garde” before.  I had to look it up.  And now I’ve gone and used it twice in quick succession. Can you dance to this?  Would you want to?  I’m not […]

Song of the Day – “I Wanna Make The World Turn Around” By Steve Miller Band

More 80s!  And… lord help us all… KENNY FUCKING G!!!!! So… I know what you’re thinking.  How does that spindly little greasy-haired bastard have anything to do with good music? I’m thinking the same thing too.  But the sax solo in this song was done by a then relatively unknown Kenny G. Did you know […]

Song of the Day – “Too Many of My Yesterdays” by Peter Hammill

Just a dude and a piano. This pic came up for a Google image search of “dude” and “piano”.  So here it is. I’ve become quite fond of Mr. Hammill’s solo music, and I even like (most) of his 80s stuff.  Some of it is bland 80s pop, but at least he didn’t have entirely […]

Song of the Day – “Child in Time” by Deep Purple.

There are many versions of this song available.  There is one studio version from this album: Which has a great album cover.  Sadly, Deep Purple album covers can often suck balls, so enjoy this one while you can. The version recorded on the album isn’t anywhere as near as good as some of the live […]

Song of the Day – “The House, The Street, The Room” by Gentle Giant

So, here’s 6 guys from England once again making me feel like I don’t know anything about music and I can’t play any instruments properly. Sigh. These guys were so fucking good at composition and playing that it’s scary.  And this song too is kind of spooky. Not really.  But the only reason I’m talking […]

Song of the Day – “Andromeda” by Zuckerbaby

Bubblegum pop.  By a 90s band, right here where I live in Calgary.  This was actually a fairly big radio hit in Canada.  I bought the album, because, back then, two great songs from a band would make me buy the album.  The other great song from these guys is called “Heavy”. Oh, why the […]

Song of the Day – “Screwed It Up” by Limblifter

Are you a Canadian?  Are you a member of “Generation X”?  Remember all that “Generation X” ballyhoo?  Piffle. But myself being a man of 22 in the year 1996, I became quite fond of a certain number of songs which were popular at the time.  The Old MuchMusic television station was the source of a […]

Song of the Day – “Oooh.” by De La Soul

It’s not often that a rap song makes it into the ranks of my favourite songs.  Public Enemy and N.W.A. have some in there, but mostly my favourite songs are done by guys like this: But this song is great.  Check out the actual video too, if you want to see some Wizard of Oz […]

Song of the Day – “Nautical Disaster” by The Tragically Hip

Ah, the Hip.  Canadian.  Contains two guys named Gord.  How could they not be Canadian? I say I don’t give a fuck about hockey, and you’ve never saw someone say THAT before. But that’s a different Trag song.  I can call these guys “The Hip” and “Trag” because they  are so familiar.  Unfortunately, that’s because […]

Song of the Day – “See You on the Other Side” – by Ozzy Osbourne

Apologies, for this version cuts out most of the guitar solo in the middle.  But you get to watch Ozzy being his wacky self.  But you have to put up with YouTube’s slow and crappy “flash video” drivel.  But it comes with a free frozen yogurt which I call “Frogurt”.  The Frogurt is also cursed.  […]

Song of the Day – “Surf and Slam” by Suicidal Tendencies

A transition from Skatepunk to Surfpunk is done with ease and grace, I gather. Now, as I have diligently collected a link for you to watch the video, I noticed that the album cover reminds me of what a fucking coked out spaz their bass player was on this album. Thats’ him on the right.  […]

Song of the Day – “Let There Be Rock” by AC/DC

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A C FUCKIN D C MAN!! And this is probably my favorite AC/DC song.  It just fucking steamrolls everything.  It’s a fucking caveman club attack. No, not quite.  That looks more like Jesus. That’s better.  It’s not what I was looking for, but it is better. I’m not so sure I really want to […]

Song of the Day – “Synthesizer” by Electric Six

Two things I’ll tell ya right off the bat, buddy. This is an awesome song Nobody from Electric Six appears in this video Some comedian made the video.  And he did a damn fine job.  Come, let us laugh at him.  Ha! I think it was this song that made me actually break down and […]

Song of the Day – “Cygnus X-1” by Rush

Linkus X-1. Check it out!  It’s a guy’s ass!  A guy’s naked ass!  Seriously!  Check out the video link! Okay, that only lasts for about a minute.  Then there’s a pic of Rush from about 1976.  Followed by more pics by the time you hear Geddy’s bass kick in. Fuck, this song is SWEEEEEEET.  It’s […]

Song of the Day – “The Writ” by Black Sabbath

The Link. Have I done a Black Sabbath song before here?  Let me check. Negative. Fuck, I’m going to betray Humanity when the robots take over, I just know it.  How could I resist a hot android chick who strides mechanically up to me and seduces me with her synthetic charms? Then again, the rest […]

Song of the Day – “Chocolate Rain” by Tay Zonday

Okay, this isn’t a song that I like much.  But my friend Uncle Furry has never even heard of this meme.  Actually, he’s never even heard of the word “meme”. This can only mean one thing.  Uncle Furry spends his free time doing far more productive things than me.  So be it. Would you believe […]

Song of the Day – “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” by R.E.M.

I’ve had this song popping into my head a lot lately.  I don’t know why that should be, because I’m not an “R.E.M. Fan”.  I do remember that this was played all over the radio back in 1994. And every time I think about this song, I think of Dan Rather. Here’s an explanation, from […]

Song of the Day – “Slow Dawn” by Smashing Pumpkins

The Smershing Pampkins are one of those bands that you either like or don’t like.  I quite like them… most of the time.  I worked with a guy who was a Smoshing Pimpkuns fanatic, and he extolled their virtues up and down and all around.  But I had known them from before, with their neato […]

Songs of the Day – “Cosmic Slop” by Funkadelic and “Amos Moses” by Jerry Reed

Some things just belong together. Peanut butter and chocolate. Erica Campbell and lingerie. The female form and electromechanics. They match.  They mesh.  They meld. But here’s a less obvious combo.  You may not see how these two songs fit together at first, but try bashing your head against something hard while holding your breath.  If […]

Song of the Day – “Atom Heart Mother” by Pink Floyd

I’m feeling lousy today, so I’ll make this post an easy one. Part 1 Part 2 Wait a minute… didn’t I already talk about this song on this here blog? <checks> Okay, I mentioned it.  And I mentioned how the band members had not considered it to be in their top ten accomplishments of fave […]

Song of the Day – “The Mexican” by Babe Ruth

You can watch this song here, and listen to it here. Actually, both links just require you to listen.  But listen you should!  This band was from England, and I don’t know a whole lot about them.  All I know is that they crafted this fucking AWESOME song and had a chick who sang for […]

Song of the Day – “Biko” by Peter Gabriel

It wasn’t so long ago that the nation of South Africa was under the racist rule of a white supremacist government.  Plenty other world governments and leaders at the time were just fine with this arrangement.  It took agitation by individuals and rights groups, both from within and without the country to get people to […]

Song of the Day – “Yellow Ledbetter” by Pearl Jam

So… what the fuck is this song about anyway? Here are the lyrics: Unsealed, on a porch a letter sat Then you said, ‘I wanna leave it again’ Once I saw her on a beach of weathered sand And on the sand I wanna leave it again, yeah On a weekend, I wanna wish it […]

Song of the Day – “Edge of Reality” by Elvis Presley

Break out the schmaltz!  Dress up in your Sunday best and be careful not to tap your toes to vigorously! Now, for some reason, this song has been popping up in my head frequently since I went and put about 22 hours and 55 minutes of Elvis on my iPod.  The tune comes from a […]

Song of the Day – “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” by Pink Floyd

35 years ago today, Syd Barrett wandered suddenly into Abbey Road studios and visited his former bandmates in Pink Floyd as they were working on the final mix of this song. I just noticed this coincidence of a coincidence as I coincidentally listened to some articles about Pink Floyd on Wikipedia.  My usual Vegetation Day […]

Song of the Day – “From the River” by The Villains

You’ve probably never heard of this band.  You may have heard this song though.  But only if you live in Canada, and especially in Calgary. The Villains were a band that existed from the late 90s in Grande Prarie until around 2007 in Calgary.  I worked with two of the members at my last job, […]

Song of the Day – “Like a Rolling Stone” by Jimi Hendrix

Jimi’s version. Also, “Like a Rolling Stone” by The Rolling Stones And why the hell not… “Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan Bob Dylan wrote this song.  And I’m going to pull a total dick move here and piss plenty of people off by saying what I’m about to say.  Bob Dylan can’t fucking […]

Song of the Day – “Funeral for a Friend / Love Lies Bleeding” by Elton John

Man, what a song.  And as Wikipedia has just told me (as it sat on my shoulder and whispered into my ear like it were some sort of bird) that majestic and awe-inspiring intro was actually played by David Hentschel.  But anyway, the first part, the “Funeral for a Friend” part is what a young […]

Song of the Day – “Three Little Birds” by Bob Marley and the Wailers

Would you believe that this is the top search for Bob Marley songs on YouTube?  I bet you would, after listening to this song.  You don’t even need to be high on pot to feel good while listening to this song. I’m really tired right now so I’m going to bed very soon.  But I […]

Song of the Day – “Achilles Last Stand” by Led Zeppelin

I don’t really know what this song is about.  Actually, it’s about 10 minutes. <rimshot> Also, here’s a joke.  Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff. <rimshot> Enough buffoonery.  Let’s get down to brass tax.  Or is that brass tacks?  I’m not sure.  See, I’ve had my cough return to me today, even […]

Song of the Day – “Mark of Vaccination” by Slim Cessna’s Auto Club.

YEEEEEHAW!!!!! Here’s a live rendition of this song because that’s all I could find. Now… I’m not a fan of Country Music.  However, this band allows all kinds of exceptions.  These guys are fucking brilliant, and they make a very enjoyable Hillbilly/Gospel/Punk kind of mix with as much wit, heart and soul as you could […]

Song of the day “End of the Line” by Traveling Wilburys

This is a kind of bittersweet song.  You could see for yourself what I mean had the copyright cartels not removed the official video from YouTube.  Listen to the music at the above link, but ignore the graphics because it was uploaded by spammers. Pretty fucking sad when we have to rely on spammers to […]

Song of the Day – “Radio” by Copyright

Do you have any idea how hard it is to search YouTube for a song called “Radio” by a band called Copyright? It’s hard. And I didn’t spend a lot of time trying to find a link.  This is what the search is like. So, if you’ve ever heard this song, just hum it in […]

Song of the Day – “Three Lock Box” by Sammy Hagar

Videos are stupid. Just look at this one.  Maybe you don’t see it.  That’s okay, I’m a little weird.  I don’t like TV or movies.  And videos.  But look at that hair.  Yikes! This is a good song however.  Just don’t pay too much attention to the lyrics.  It’s Sammy Hagar, for crying out loud.  […]

Song of the Day – “Lemmings (Including Cog)” by Van Der Graaf Generator

How do I do this song justice in one of my crappy “Song of the Day” posts? I guess I don’t.  I originally intended these posts to be discussions of the song, its meaning, its tune, its structure.  Instead, I provide a YouTube link and make lame jokes. Part 1 Part 2 Pee pee poo […]

Song of the Day – “One for the Vine” by Genesis

Don’t ask me what this song is about.  Because if you did, I’d probably say something silly like it’s about a guy who thinks he’s the messiah and ends up leading his followers to a battle in which they are slaughtered.  Oh, and he sees Jesus right around then. I don’t know if I’m right.  […]

Song of the Day – “Tunnel of Love” by Dire Straits

So I just read my new comic… for the first time actually just reading it for fun, and not proofreading and looking for things to fix and things I need to change… and HOLY CRAP do I ever like it!  Wow, it’s like someone drew exactly what I wanted to see! So goes the statement […]

Song of the Day – “High Tide or Low Tide” by Bob Marley & The Wailers

I’ve had this song in my head all day.  And not because it’s 4/20 today, appropriate as that is.  You may not know this, but Bob Marley was known to partake of the marijuana cigarettes now and again. Yes, it’s true.  And here in 2010 I am displeased to report that consumption and sale of […]

Song of the Day – “She’s Electric” by Oasis.

Alright then, lets get some things out of the way first.  Yes, this song makes me think about female androids. She’s electric, ya know. Now that we’ve settled that, there’s another issue that demands our attention. You may find this hard to believe but… Oasis are NOT The Beatles. I think this fact may only […]

Song of the Day – “Mr. Tambourine Man” by William Shatner

Okay… FUCK Lemmy.  He’s a fucking bitch-ass POSER!  YEAH! Now this is what Rock N’ Roll is all about.  Shatner is the man. And he took us all back to school to learn how to rock good with his 1968 album “The Transformed Man”.  It is an odyssey on all that is Rock Awesomeness.  It’s […]

Song of the Day – “Sweet Revenge” by MotÁ¶rhead

“Hello Bitches!” Every song should start with those words!  FUCK YEAH!!! And what a MEAN song today’s Song of the Day is.  Who among us has honestly never thought of inflicting revenge upon someone?  Okay, maybe just the androids.  I hope there are androids out there… female androids who want to find me so they […]

Song of the Day – “Spaceman” by Biff Naked

Okay, this song isn’t one of my favorites.  I do kind of like it… from a distance.  I think I like the theme more than the music… if I twist that theme around a tad in my own way.  More on that later. Heh heh… Moron. This is today’s “Song of the Day” because I’m […]

Song of the Day – “Fall of Seraphs” by Mayhem

Link to the song, before I forget to actually talk about it again. You can always count on Mayhem to get the party jumping!  Yeah! Like KC and the Sunshine Band before them, they specialize in filling dance floors with disco dancers!  Yeah! Actually, they’re slightly darker and edgier than KC and his Krew.  Yeah. […]