Song of the Day – “What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?” by R.E.M.

I’ve had this song popping into my head a lot lately.  I don’t know why that should be, because I’m not an “R.E.M. Fan”.  I do remember that this was played all over the radio back in 1994.

And every time I think about this song, I think of Dan Rather.

Here’s an explanation, from Wikipedia which shows just how lazy I am.

On October 4, 1986, as Rather was walking along Park Avenue in Manhattan to his apartment, he was attacked and punched from behind by a man who demanded to know, “Kenneth, what is the frequency?”, while a second assailant also chased and beat him. As the assailant pummeled and kicked Rather, he kept repeating the question over and over again. In describing the incident, Rather said, “I got mugged. Who understands these things? I didn’t and I don’t now. I didn’t make a lot of it at the time and I don’t now. I wish I knew who did it and why, but I have no idea.”

So why is this song popping into my head now?  Conspiracy theory time, everyone!

Kenneth is the code name of a secret Freemason/Illuminati plot to take over the world.  Dan Rather is an intrepid space alien fighting on the side of humanity.

Oh fuck this shit.  I’m no good at dreaming up stuff that doesn’t make any sense.

I only dream up stuff that makes perfect sense, like how a vast underground organization of gorgeous female androids is conspiring to capture me and make me live with them so I can teach them how to love.