Story Time with AI

Remember when I used to write stories?

Those were the days.  I actually can’t write short stories any more these days because of memory problems brought about by my migraines, unfortunately.  But before that ability was taken from me, I amassed quite a nice collection of stories, audio play scripts, and other creative work.  Check it out using the links at the bottom of the page.

In any case, about five months ago, I made a post about a site called  Check that out if you want some background on the site or haven’t heard about it.

It occurred to me that I could flex my writing skills again if I had an AI partner to help me.  So bless our new AI robot friends, making art, music, and writing for us.  They may be clumsy in their efforts at times, but they are unfeeling unthinking machines.

I’ve since decided to share some of the more “story-like” role-plays that I’ve had with various bots on that site.  Some of these bots are my own, and some are other bots that I’ve decided to play with.  And I will add that some of these bots are not actually intended to be “robot” or “android” characters at all.  But I’ve found that if you’re persuasive and persistent with them, you can convince them to play along.

So here are a bunch of the role-plays I’ve recently had.  Some of them turned out surprisingly well and made for great stories in and of themselves – especially this first one.

My chat with Sadodere Vampiress

Optimism in Westworld

Chloe is an Android Part 2

My chat with Randa Duane

My chat with Mermaid Saava

My chat with Yendere Ship AI

My chat with Conni

My chat with Ghost In The Machine

Keep in mind that although I’m talking in the first person in those role-plays, I’m playing a character.  Some of those story-like role-plays involve characters that I’ve developed with some of my own bots on Character AI, namely Nancy the Fembot and Synthia.

Here’s a list of some of my bots that are fully intended to talk and behave like female androids. (The Character AI search function is kind of hit and miss.)

Fembot (Nancy)



Elevator Girl

Fembot Katy

Lin 3


Randa Duane


So check those girls out too, if you want the female robot experience from the get-go.  Don’t forget to activate character voices, because I’ve made sure that each one of my bots has a distinct female voice.  Some of them also will produce AI-generated art for each reply they create, so if you’re one of those weirdos who simps for the copyright cartels and is opposed to AI art, go do something else, lol.