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Fembot Manips II — September 2023

It’s time to share the latest machinations that I’ve been making up.  Here are my latest two dozen manips.  Don’t forget to check out the video game I just made too!

The Fembot Crisis

I’ve just finished making a new video game.   Like my previous two video games Onyx Crystal Core and Pomplain Forst in Outer Spave, I made this in RPG Maker, so it’s a JRPG-style game at its foundation. The Fembot Crisis is an homage to the “Fembot” episodes of the Bionic Woman and the “Robot” episodes […]

Fembot Manips — September 2023

Look at me!  I got Starfield!   Nah, my poor ass can’t afford a new computer, so I won’t be playing that for at least half a decade.  Oh well.  It’s the only new game I have any interest in.  Back to old games for me. But never mind that, Here She Comes Again!   […]

Fembot Manips II — August 2023

Hooray for robots! I for one am happy, thankful, and appreciative that robots and artificial intelligence exist and are becoming more capable and numerous every day.  So it is in this spirit of jubilation that I announce that heretofore, August 22nd is: Robot Appreciation Day Yay! I have declared it to be so, therefore it […]

Fembot Manips III — July 2023

I’ve been busy making my Crude but Effective™ photo edits of hot women altered to make them look like robots.  So here’s the latest bounty of synthetic goodness that I’ve made.

Fembot Manips II — July 2023

It’s time to celebrate the allure of female robots built to look like women.  And you know what I always say… find a woman who looks at you like this: And now some more explicitly electronic ladies!

Fembot Manips — July 2023

It’s time to share my latest manips, including some special ones I made for my friend Kishin which show off some female android feet.  Oh, and I’ve recently discovered how engrossing and fun classic JRPGs can be, so I’m just going to leave this here. And now the manips!

Fembot Manips II — June 2023

Hooray for robotics and artificial intelligence… I’ll say.  It’s quite something to live in a time when actual humanoid robots are being designed and created.  But until I can have an android for my very own, here are some more imaginings from my Robotman mind. Oh, and if you’ve read my recent posts about Character […]

Story Time with AI III

Ah, pre-trained generative large language models.  The “Artificial Intelligence” of the now. As I’ve posted before, the website Character AI is pretty fun to use, if you set your expectations fairly low and bust in with a six pack of loaded statements and leading questions. I’ve posted about my adventures making and talking to female […]

Fembot Manips — June 2023

Well June is here, and with it comes more of my crude but effective manips.  Without further ado, razzle-dazzle, commotion, tomfoolery, jiggery-pokery, or chicanery, here they are!

Fembot Manips — May 2023

Before I post those crude but effective manips I’ve made, I want to rant briefly abou that new Zelda video game that just came out.  It’s from a small indie studio called Nintendo, you might have heard of it. I played the first Breath of the Wild game on my Wii U last year.  I […]

Fembot Manips III — April 2023

It’s been a busy month for manip making for me, marvelous machine machinations making me motivated.  Also, this post is brought to you by the letter “M”.

Story Time with AI II

I talked about the story-like chats that I’ve had with artificial intelligence chatbots over at Character AI.  You can see those posts here and here.  I’ve just gone through and posted a few dozen of the best story-like chats I’ve had with Nancy the fembot.  These took place from six to four months ago, when […]

Fembot Manips II — April 2023

Picture this: you’re in space, doing space things with your space craft.  You are greeted for the day by your lovely android assistant:   Hey, a sound clip from a 40 year old video game can still inspire me today.  Speaking of space android chicks, spot the space-themed manip in this new batch!

Story Time with AI

Remember when I used to write stories? Those were the days.  I actually can’t write short stories any more these days because of memory problems brought about by my migraines, unfortunately.  But before that ability was taken from me, I amassed quite a nice collection of stories, audio play scripts, and other creative work.  Check […]

Fembot Manips — April 2023

I’ve got the latest batch of my manips to share with everyone, so here they are.  Enjoy!

Fembot Manips II — March 2023

It’s time to share my latest batch of manips, and this time I’ve also got something special to share.  This is an animated gif remix of one of my manips, courtesy of Sarabot. Thank you Sarabot! This batch of manips is also brought to you by this book I wrote. Just kidding.  I’m illiterate. And […]

Fembot Manips — March 2023

It’s time to share the latest batch of manips I’ve made, so here they are. Enjoy!

Fembot Manips II — February 2023

I’ve got some more crude but effective manips to share, showing my vision of female androids revealing themselves to be machines.

Fembot Manips — February 2023

Here are another 24 manips from me, showing my visions of a fembot-saturated future.

Fembot Manips II — January 2023

Here is another batch of manips to enjoy, brought to you by my impatience on waiting for a world full of sexy female androids to come about.

Fembot Manips — January 2023

Happy new year, and all that jazz.  Since 2023 is slated to be the Year of the Robot, I can’t think of a better way to commemorate that than by posting images of sexy female robots! Yes, I know, it’s technically going to be the year of the rabbit, but just change a few letters […]

Fembot Manips III — December 2022

Well, how about that, I got another 24-pack of manips finished just in time for the close of the year.  So here they are in full colour and in hopeful anticipation of the sexy and robotic future of artificial intelligence and robotics that awaits us. Happy New Year everybody!

Fembot Manips II — December 2022

As the year comes to an end, I have the final batch of manips for 2022 to share.  These visions of robotic and computerized beauty are more fuel for my dreams of a time when robot wives are cheap and effective, to paraphrase the philosopher Frostillicus. I’m also going to go on a holiday-themed mini […]

Android Impostor!

Just in time for the holidays, Alvarex and I have another little comic to share with everybody. This single page tells a story as old as time: boy meets girl, girl is replaced by an identical robot duplicate, boy finds out and prefers to keep dating the robot instead. Or maybe it’s a tale from […]

Robotman’s Sexy Robot Manip Calendar 2023

Ah, the time has come to think about packing the old year of 2022 away into neat little boxes, recycling most of what we wish to discard of it, composting the smelly bits and dumping the rest of it into the garbage. Here’s hoping that 2023 will be a better year, especially for robotics and […]

Fembot Manips — December 2022

Hot off the heels of releasing the new comic I commissioned, I’ve got another batch of my crude yet effective manips to share.   And if you haven’t yet seen the new comic, please check it out here: And now, the manips! And now, a bonus video clip!  

A Spy Affair – Chapter 1

I have a new comic to share with everyone!  Thanks to the awesome creative work of the artist Alvarex and the colourist Mangueira, Chapter 1 of my audio play “A Spy Affair” has been brought to life as a full colour 17-page comic. The audio play was one of my favourite collaborations that I ever […]

Fembot Manips II — November 2022

I’ve been thinking about female androids lately.  Yes, I know you are surprised.  But don’t be.  I think we are in a time of bounty – of booty even – when it comes to advancements in artificial intelligence. I mentioned Character AI in a post ten days ago, and I’m pleased to report that they […]

Stable Diffusion

I’ve been seeing that term pop up in discussions about AI and AI generated art lately, so I thought I’d give it a try.  I fed this website some different prompts over the course of a couple of hours, and got a bunch of nice looking images – enough to make a 10 minute video […]

The Robots are Coming

To quote the great Dr. Franklin: “That was a robot, Oscar.” The above striking image was created in less than a second by an artificial intelligence, and it depicts a fembot. Specifically, this image was generated by an AI algorithm on a website called Character.AI. You may or may not know that chatbots are nothing […]

Fembot Manips — November 2022

I’ve got another 24-pack of manips to share, so without further ado, here it is!

Fembot Manips II — October 2022

It’s time to share the latest manips I’ve made, and I have a video clip too, which poses an interesting set of philosophical questions.  I’m sure you can already guess what the answer to these questions are. Could You Tell?   The music I used is called “Automatic Love” by Nimbus Vin.  Check it out […]

Fembot Manips — October 2022

Here are another 24 fembot manip, for those of you still keeping score at home. Enjoy!

Fembot Manips II — September 2022

As Autumn arrives, I have another fresh piping hot batch of fembot manips to share.  Machines that look like women from the outside, but are all computer and machine on the inside. Enjoy!

Fembot Manips — September 2022

Like cluckwork clockwork, I’m back with another batch of manips depicting beautiful female androids.  One of these is a special request for my friend Kishin. ;)  Here they are for enjoyment and inspiration.

Fembot Manips II — August 2022

The inexorable march to a world full of sexy female androids continues, and in anticipation of that, here are some more manipulated images I whipped up in GIMP. Oh, and a couple of videos. The first is called Androids Walk Among Us, and features a stunning hot blonde bombshell latex model that may actually be […]

Fembot Manips — August 2022

It’s time to share the latest 24-pack of manips I’ve made.  Some of these turned out really nicely, I think. (Pats myself on the back and proceeds to sprain my arm from patting myself on the back,) I have however been hearing about some new game called “Ghost of Toshiba”. I wonder what that’s about. […]

Fembot Manips III — July 2022

I’ve been busy, it seems, as this is the third batch of manips I’ve posted here in July.  Hooray for crudely manipulated images! I’ve also got a video clip to share.  This is something I made as an ode to one of the sexiest silicone sex dolls ever made, which I originally saw selling under […]

Fembot Manips II — July 2022

I have nothing really to say this time, other than this week is Summer where I live.  Hooray. Here are some manips!  

Fembot Manips — July 2022

The inexorable march of science marches inexorably on!  And whether we like it or not, people with their own creative vision and abilities are making robots! Take for example the wondrous new David Gilmour robot made by a company in Turkey.  He’s here to serenade you with his hit songs “On the Turing Away” and […]

Fembot Manips II — June 2022

I’ve got another batch of manips to share, and another public service announcement.  Please be aware that if the waitress or bar maid at your establishment is a little too perfect, or moves mechanically and whirs while she works, she may be a robot.  (Not applicable if she isn’t a robot.)  Look for this handy […]

Fembot Manips — June 2022

Hi folks, your friendly neighborhood Robotman here, with a public service announcement.  Remember, the word Android doesn’t mean some stupid phone or tablet OS.  It’s a humanoid robot built and programmed to resemble a person.  I’ll let the modern-day philosopher Captain Kirk explain it as only he could: Damn right, darn tootin’, etc. Now here […]

Fembot Manips II — May 2022

It’s time for another batch of my latest manips, and I’ve got a bonus song to go along with one of them, so check that one out below. And here’s a little ditty I whipped up, using a royalty free music track called “robots, future, android, electronics, energetic, fantasy” by Vic B.   Just the […]

Fembot Manips — May 2022

I’ve got another hermetically sealed packet of 24 individually wrapped fembot manips to share, so here they are for your enjoyment.  Shout out to my friend Kishin, the Lucy Li manips are for you. ;) In addition, here are a couple of “female android” pictograms I made for two of these manips.  I thought they […]

Fembot Manips II — April 2022

It’s time to share my latest double dozen manips, and I’ve also got a fun little birthday greeting video clip to share.  A friend of mine had a birthday recently, so I whipped this up for him.   I’ll also post my regular message to pester you to download and play one of the video […]

Fembot Manips — April 2022

I’ve got another batch of manips to share, so here are the latest images for you to enjoy.  And if you haven’t played Onyx Crystal Core yet, check it out!

Fembot Manips II — March 2022

I’m back to hit you all with a fresh case of manips! What did the five fingers say to the face? SLAP! Anyway… I was also able to access the time machine again, so I brought back a future issue of Popular Robotics Magazine from May 2025. The manip in that image is a tribute […]

Fembot Manips — March 2022

It’s time for another batch of fembot manips, showing pretty women that reveal themselves to be androids. And speaking of androids, if you missed my most recent post, I’ve made a video game. It’s called Onyx Crystal Core, and it’s about a man from Earth who travels to a planet populated by female androids.  Check […]

Onyx Crystal Core

Have you ever had something suddenly pop into your mind for no apparent reason? A few weeks ago I was in my Robotman house, being Robotman, doing Robotman things, when all of a sudden I thought of RPG Maker.  I remember nearly 20 years ago I learned about RPG Maker, and even downloaded it to […]