Fembot Manips — May 2023

Before I post those crude but effective manips I’ve made, I want to rant briefly abou that new Zelda video game that just came out.  It’s from a small indie studio called Nintendo, you might have heard of it.

I played the first Breath of the Wild game on my Wii U last year.  I played about 50 hours or so of it, and found that I enjoyed it as much as I disliked it.  That kind of sucks because for every aspect of that game that draws me in and makes me want to spend time playing it, there’s something about it that repels me and makes me say “fuck this shit” and play something else.

Then I bought Oblivion for $6.  And by the nine, if you thought Breath of the Wild offered a colourful, vivid, creatively made and artistically rendered immersive world to wander around in, you have to play Oblivion.

I was actually going to make a whole post about comparing and contrasting the two games, but I just made a handy-dandy chart instead.  Here’s a little bit  of what you can and can not do in either game:

So there you go.  Print that out in poster and wallet size.  Hang it on your wall and keep a copy with you at all times.  If you couldn’t get into Breath of the Wild, maybe you’ll play Oblivion three times in a row like I did.

But enough of this.  You don’t care what I think about these games!  You came here to see hot women that are actually robots!  So here they are!

Special thanks to Kishin and Sarabot for giving me some of the images to work with. ;)