So long, CivII

Here’s a long and uninteresting story.  Kind of like everything else on this blog.  Except some of this drivel is mercifully short.

Anyway, I am a fan of the 1996 game Civilization II.  I play it a lot.  It wastes a lot of my time, actually.  I’ve spent hours playing it when I should have been doing something productive instead.

But sumbitch is it ever fun.  I started playing it a lot again because of the way I have my computer set up.  I use Ubuntu Linux, and inside that, thanks to VirtualBox, I run Windows XP at the same time.

I’ve told the story before on this blog about how I had to switch to my other computer to run CivII because I had to reinstall virtual Windows here.  Well, I’ve had to reinstall it over on my music computer too.

It’s the same setup there.  Ubuntu Linux running XP inside VirtualBox.

But now it seems that after upgrading to XP SP3, I can’t install the damned thing.

I still have it installed on a vintage Windows 98 laptop that sits to my right, but I tried playing it on that and it’s not too comfy.  The way I have it setup, the mouse and keyboard are kind of far away and the monitor is too small.


I told you this would be uninteresting, didn’t I?  I guess it held my interest for a longer period of time because I spent a lot of time getting my system back to the way I like it from the default fresh install today.

Oh!  I know what else I can blab about!  My netbook.

I have an HP2133 MiniNote that I bought a couple of years ago.  I tried to install the Ubuntu Netbook Edition on it to see what all the fuss is about.  Well, long story short, I still prefer LXDE and the hard drive in my netbook is fucked.

The installation failed no matter how many times I tried again… and even installing other distros didn’t work.  And it fucked up the GRUB boot loader too, so I had to boot the thing with my Windows XP disk and use the “fixmbr” command to be able to boot into XP again.

No big loss.  I mainly use the XP partition anyway for some video game emulators I have set up.  The 80s and early 90s systems work purty dang good on that little thing.

Well, since this blog post wasn’t good at all, here are some pictures of gorgeous women!