Far better to spend the money now than save it for when I really need it… right?

Well, here I go buying CDs again.  You know, I’ve still never ever bought mp3s?  I always get the feeling that if I do I’ll somehow get screwed over when I can’t go and grab the original physical CD to re-rip the music from later.

What the fuck am I talking about… I’ve bought hours and hours of classical music mp3s from eClassical.

Never mind.

That actually reminds me, I need to get some of that fine funky classical music onto my iPod.  I like chamber music the best… when you can hear each individual instrument play one part.  Kind of like a rock band, but instead of a guitarist, a keyboardist, a bass player and a drummer, you have a violinist, a violist, a cellist and a double bassist.


But that’s the kind of simple, down-to-basics stuff I like.  I’m not much of a fan of big orchestras playing symphonic music.  And fuck opera.

I don’t mean the browser, but I can’t really say I have a very high opinion of it.  I remember when you had to either pay for it or get fed ads to use it.  And for all I know, it’s still like that.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

And I tried out the Opera Mini browser on my Android phone.  It didn’t work.  I’m not talking it didn’t render pages right, it didn’t fucking work at all.

What was I talking about?  Sorry, I had a really rough week.

I’m buying some more Camel music.

I’m buying their first album again because the remastered version contains a live version of a very long song that was on a Peter Bardens solo album.  I’m also buying a “Live in 1972” CD and a “Live in 1982” CD, probably just so I can tell the difference between vitality and caricature.

And I’m also getting the album “Stationary Traveller” and a live DVD from the 1984 tour.  Why?  I’ve heard parts of “Stationary Traveller”, and it’s not all bad.  Not the best thing Andrew Latimer has done, but it’s better than a lot of other stuff recorded in 1984.

And that’s why I said I’m spending my money on frivolous things again.  I can’t help it.  I’m a music junkie.

But if I ever start to dress and look like Mozart, like Elton John is doing up there, please make me stop.