What the fuck is this shit?

Seriously?  What the fuck is this company doing calling this thing a robot?  And what the fuck gives them the idea that anyone would want to have sex with this ugly fucking thing?

“True Companion”?  More like “True Mistake”.

For the love of all things scientific, I want a fembot of my own more than 99.9% of other people, maybe more than anyone… and I wouldn’t get near this hideous monstrosity.  It’s gross.  It’s disgusting.  It’s a horrid corruption of all things womanly and android-like.

And it doesn’t even fucking DO anything.  So much hype for something so lame.  And lame is the perfect word to use on this crap.

This thing is almost as ugly as the “androids” produced by that First Androids company in Germany.  Those things are a whole class of frighteningly ugly all to themselves.  This comes in right under that.  And right above the extremely creepy, nightmare causing “Boy Toy” line of RealDolls from Abyss… who should fucking well know better.

And while I’m close to the topic of “things I don’t want in a fembot”, I’ll say that personality is one of them.  This thing (supposedly) has 5 personalities.  My ex had at least two.  Is that a good thing?  Fuck no.

I want a real woman for her personality and her companionship.  I want a fembot for its lack of a personality and for its artificiality.  I want a fembot who can talk intelligently to me about what it is and how it differs from a human.

I don’t want a glorified chatbot program running inside something that throws out retarded porn movie dialogue samples.

What a shitty way to start.  Don’t call this thing a robot, robots of the future will be ashamed of it, and that will be one more reason for them to eliminate us.

Okay, that last statement was a joke.  But so is the fucking “Roxxxy”.   So we’re even.