Song of the Day – “The Battle of Epping Forest” by Genesis

More to come when I’m not nauseous, when my head isn’t pounding and when all I can do is fall asleep.


I just slept for 17 hours.

Yikes!  Zounds!  Egad!  Gadzooks!  ZOMFGBBQWTF!

That beats my previous record of sleeping for 16 hours when I was a kid.  I had a fever.

I still have this bloody god damned Chinook headache.  It’s not really bad, but it’s still there.  That’s 4 days it’s been going on.  I need to move somewhere where the atmospheric pressure never changes.  Either that or I need to get a prosthetic head.

Anyway, since I have you thoroughly enthralled by my bitching, moaning, whining and complaining, I will now talk about this song.

That YouTube link there is a live performance, and it omits the first few minutes of the song. But if you have the excellent 1973 album “Selling England By The Pound” in your collection, then you’ll be able to hear exactly what I’m talking about.

Amazing how I can still be so fucking tired after sleeping for 17 hours.  I’ve been up for over 4 hours now, but I’m still wishing I could just go back to bed.  Bleh.

I was going to try to convey why I like this song so much.  It might be those complex rhythms played against one another, or it could be the great sound the band had on this album, or it could be the fantastic, humourous lyrics.  But I think I’ll just leave a lot of that unsaid because I can’t really do much else than drool and play video games today.

I will now go finish my game of Questron that I started last weekend.