“Wow man, that sounds fuckin good.”

I am rather talented when it comes to Mikeifying music, I must say.

What is Mikeifying, I hear you ask?

Well, Mikeification is the process of me using Cool Edit to adjust the audio properties of songs that I put onto my iPod.  Basically, I makes the tunes sounds more gooder.  The tricks I use are manifold – multifarious, even.  I use a noise reduction plugin and EQing for the most part.  And it’s such a simple process that I wonder why the people who actually release these albums don’t do it more.

Oh, before I proceed in my rambling any further, I should note that Cool Edit is now called Adobe Audition.  Don’t waste your money on it though, use Audacity.  It’s free.

Ahem.  I have just dun gone and Mikeified 6 Camel albums.  One of those was ripped from a DVD.  That DVD itself and another one of the albums were so obscure that I had to import the bloody things from the far off and distant land of England.  In any case, 3 of those albums were live performances with less than perfect sound quality.  But I have changed that!  Ha!

I went backwards chronologically this time, and worked on the one from 1985 through to the one from 1972.  And I finally got 2 versions of a very long song that Camel used to do in their early days.  It’s called “Homage to the God of Light”, and it was a Peter Bardens solo number that they did on stage.  I’ve got some good 70s Prog listening ahead of me on the bus rides next week.

Shall I complain about those fucking bus rides again?  Nah.  Suffice to say that the construction is still going on and I still have very long days.

And those start again fairly soon.  It’s almost bedtime here on this Sunday.  I didn’t get much time for vegetation, but on the plus side, I got a lot done.