No, not this guy…

No, not even this guy…

THIS guy.

This blog post is about the late great Jimi Hendrix, and his awesome talent with the Play-Doh Mop-Top play set.

Man, no one could use that thing like he did.

Just kidding.  This was his tool of choice:

Yikes!  It’s VERY SCAAAAARY in German!!!

Okay, I’m rambling and babbling again, but it’s been a while since I posted something here on this here blog here, so here.

That’s a picture of Jimi lighting his harmonica on fire.

Why am I bothering you with stupid “jokes” about Jimi Hendrix on this fine Thanksgiving day?

Well, you’re only wondering that under circumstances that are very unlikely to have coincided.

  1. You are Canadian
  2. You read this blog

That pretty much just leaves me.  Maybe Uncle Furry is reading this too.  Hi Uncle Furry!

To answer the question nobody read above, it’s because I am in the process of “Mikeifying” my Jimi Hendrix music collection and getting it onto my iPod.  I’ve already done the three “Experience” albums today, and I’m in the process of doing the much maligned “Voodoo Soup” compilation.

I happen to like Voodoo Soup.  It’s got all those essential vitamins that keep me repeatedly arriving at my job and doing my job like, you know, a zombie.

This CD is also swell.  I didn’t know much about it back in 1995 when I bought it.  I only knew that it was a compilation of tracks that Hendrix had left completed or unfinished before he could get around to making his next album.  I didn’t know that these had been compiled from 3 posthumous albums put out by a producer who had hired musicians to “fill in” or replace some bass, drum and even guitar parts to make a string of posthumous Hendrix albums.

A dubious practice for sure, but I look at it like how Phil Spector killed that woman a few years ago finished “Let It Be” for the Beatles.  Phil, that ol’ ladykiller, made a listenable and enjoyable album out of some unfinished tracks and demos.  I like “Let It Be” for what it is, even after hearing “Let It Be: Naked”.  I don’t believe I’ve ever listened to “Let It Be” naked, however.

Anyway (remember folks, using that word means I’m a bad writer), some bloke (British for dude) named Alan Douglas went and “finished” a bunch of songs and milked them for all they were worth in the ’70s.  This Voodoo Soup compilation has some of the more egregious trickery, fuckery and rookery removed, but the tracks “Room Full of Mirrors” and “Stepping Stone” do contain drumming by some dude who was in The Knack.


Also, apologies for using the term “rookery” above.  It has nothing to do with the topic at hand.

I should have perhaps used “Connery”.

That’s better.

And I’ve heard the versions of these songs done “properly” without additional recording too.  I haven’t heard them for over five years, so don’t ask me which versions I like better.  I like them both just fine, though I’ve listened to Voodoo Soup far more often and more closely than I have the later (1997) releases that contain these songs.

I have a lot of Mikeification ahead of me to finish all this Hendrix.  When I was a young man, I bought every Hendrix CD (or cassette) I could get my hands on.  I have lots of live stuff and bootleg stuff and re-issue stuff, so to sort it all out will be some work.  And to think I’d left all that great music off my iPod for so long because I had overplayed it and was sick of a lot of it!

Seriously though, I don’t need to hear “Purple Haze” again for a very, very long time.