Song of the day – “Sing a Mean Tune Kid” by Chicago

Oh, joy.  Oh, happiness and wonderment, etc.  Et-Cetera.

Robotman is blogging again!  Aren’t we all lucky!  I’ll tell you something, Buster, I’m pretty fucking lucky.  I no longer have to get up so damn early to get to work early and get home late because I leave work late because of traffic because of construction because of the new train line!  Did that sentence make sense?  Who the fuck cares!

Today’s blog posts celebrates the fact that I am now aware that the band Chicago used to actually make GOOD music.  Yes, you read that right.

My memories of Chicago go way back.  And they ain’t good memories.  At my first job, I was forced to endure Muzak, which included Chicago’s 80s hits.  Holy fuck they stink.  Peter Cetera is the Devil.

I take that back.  I’m sorry, Mr. Cetera.  You probably aren’t Satan.  Probably.

Actually, if you’re grooving right the fuck out to this here song from 1971 – and you best be grooving right the fuck out kid – That’s Peter Cetera singing.  Even he made kick-fucking-ass music!

See, Chicago used to make jazzy rock with horns.  They made about 5 albums like that.  Quite a lot of music actually because their first several albums were double albums.  And this kind of stuff is right up my street…. it’s even – dare I say – progressive.

And I really like the guitarist too.  Hendrix did also… just before he died.  And Terry Kath died too early too, and it’s an extremely sad story, so Google it up if you want to know the details.

But wow.  Who knew?  Awesome music from 1969 to 1972.  Then again in 1974.  And everything after that is downhill… and then the 80s hit and GOD HELP US ALL IT’S THE THREE HEADED HOUND OF HELL CERBEROUS!!!!

Seriously, if you like the song you just heard… you probably won’t like any of the music that most Chicago fans like.

Schmaltzy, safe, maudlin, sappy, saccharine pap.

Well, fuck.  This certainly was worth the time you spend reading, wasn’t it?  I like to think that I can chip away at the lives of many that way.  I will steal your minutes.  You will never have them again.  Ha!