Oh, Mint

I really tried to like you, Mint.  I really like your philosophy, and the fact that you’re moving away from the clone-Appleâ„¢ policies of Ubuntu.  So I was disappointed when I first tried installing you back in 2008.  The “Fluxbox” version I booted with a Live CD on my laptop looked so damn seductive, and it seemed quite fast and full-featured for Fluxbox.  But alas, after I installed you, you wouldn’t boot.  So I gave you the boot.

I next tried you on this very computer, my replica Commodore 64.  I tried the new 64 bit Debian edition with Xfce, but alas, package management was broken after I installed.  WTF?  Package management broken means no updates, and no way for my limited means to try to fix anything.

So again, we bid adieu.

And today, on that same laptop where you once wouldn’t boot, I installed your 32 bit Debian edition flavoured with Xfce.  It looked so nice.  It was very fast compared to Xubuntu, but curses and invocations!  You didn’t feel like installing the proprietary driver for my Broadcom wireless card!

To Hell with you!

Seriously, what the fuck, Mint?

So I’m going to just install Lubuntu on that thing.  Meh.  I don’t like all the goofiness with Inanity Unity, and I sure as fuck don’t want Amazon ads all over my OS, thanks very much Mr. Shuttleworth.  But Mint was the next best option for me.  I am not a Linux programmer, yet I want to be able to customize and alter my system and setup.  So with a *buntu I will stay for now.