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Oh, Mint

I really tried to like you, Mint.  I really like your philosophy, and the fact that you’re moving away from the clone-Appleâ„¢ policies of Ubuntu.  So I was disappointed when I first tried installing you back in 2008.  The “Fluxbox” version I booted with a Live CD on my laptop looked so damn seductive, and […]

Fuck Apple – 1984 edition

I can’t take credit for this pic.  It’s from a very good article over on ZDNet.  The gist of it is this:  Fuck Apple.

Well, lawdy freakin daw

I’m sure many of you out there have noticed that motherfucking godawful bloody Daylight Saving time has cursed us all with its presence one more time.  Except for folks in Saskatchewan.  Why did they realize that DST is a useless fucking turd and not the rest of us? Anyhoo, you’ve probably guessed by now that […]

Song of the Day – “Transistor” by 311

Wow!  311 is today’s date! No, it’s not actually.  I was thinking of posting about a 311 song yesterday.  So I missed by one day. Here’s a video for the song, which I’ve never seen until just now. 311 is one of those bands that you almost hate to admit to liking.  Their lyrics are […]