Upgrades at CyberFem Park

So I’ve made another animation over at Go!Animate.  After exhausting all of the possible female Anime characters in the last videos I did, I switched to another set.  I also caved in and gave the site $18 so I could even make more than another minute of video and have access to more characters, sets, objects and voices.

I like the results of this one, even though I don’t quite like the way this particular set of characters “jumps” around so much.  I guess that feature is to make them look less robotic.  Ha!  That works against me and only me I bet with these animations.

So here it is.  Enjoy.

UPDATE (October 27, 2019)

GoAnimate got bought by some other company or something, and they took all their old hosted content down.  You can’t keep a good Robotman down, so here in full is “Upgrades at CyberFem Park”, for your visual enjoyment.