The Room

I don’t watch movies.  I have this down to the fact that I don’t like fiction.  Just ignore the fact that I’ve written a novel, four comic books and then some.

But this movie is infamous.  I’ve been aware of it’s existence for a few years, and I’ve actually mentally put it on my “I’d actually watch that” list of movies because of its so-bad-it’s-good  credentials.  And a while back I found that the entire movie was posted on YouTube.

So I just attempted to watch it now.  Good fucking god, I only made it as far as about six and a half minutes.  Maybe I can finish some other time.  I was already bored out of my skull and wondering how I’d make it through the other 93 minutes of terribleness.

Fuck it.  I’m going to listen to more of The Ancient World Podcast.  Ah, sweet audio book learnin.  That’s my kind of entertainment.